How to Get Clients and Be on Top of PsychicOz Listing Pages Without Spending Any Money?

  1. Untitled-1First, please make sure you fill your profile pages are all completed and are attractive to your potential clients. We recommend to add your Audio Profile on to allow your clients to hear your voice and your marketing message. If you need help in creating your audio profile, please go to

  2. Set up a Facebook, Twitter. Google Plus page and use it to share great psychic profile page, reviews, tarot articles, insights, tips, card-of-the-day and to build a community of like-minded people.

  3. Post your services on Craigslist and other similar directories. They offer you the chance to create a description for your services and reach out to people all over the world. Your advertisement can then be shared on social media and you can add a link to your business website to increase the chances of converting views to sales. Always put your profile website link with great call to action phrase.

  4. Answer clients questions on psychic forums, Quora and Yahoo Answers

  5. Start a blog that matters and share your insights and tips to the clients.

  1. Shoot a memorable video about your psychic reading skills and post it to YouTube & Twilio.

  1. Write a guest post for another Tarot (or similar) blog and be sure to include your links in the profile.

CraigslistQualifiedLead***Send us your guest post. If it well written post/article we will post it for free to our network of 40 blog websites and more than 80 social media pages. We will include web link to your psychicoz profile all the time.

  1. Run a free webinar or teleseminar and share your knowledge and your services.

There are many other ways to promote your PsychicOz profile but these ways are most effective ones.

Thank you and let us know if we can help with any questions!