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: Healer of Faithfulness


: 2 Years


: English


: Chicago, United States

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    Love & Relationship Psychics, Life Path Psychics, Pets Psychics, Past Life Psychics, Deceased Love Ones Psychics
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    Medium Psychics, Clairvoyant Psychics, Channeling Psychics, Automatic Writing Psychics, Empath Psychics
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    Tarot Card Psychics, Astrology Psychics, Numerology Psychics, Crystals Psychics


Since a young girl, I knew whatever it was would be great... My 3rd eye was activated on my first day of preschool and I have been able to see ,hear and feel the unknown ever since. This is genetic from my mother and grand are intuitive. I am the first of my family to own it and use my gifts to help others along the way with their journey. I firmly believe that "The Journey of a thousand miles start with one step ". Allow me to help guide you towards that step. This is my calling.


I've been an intuitive psychic with spiritually sound insights and my ancestor communicating with me helps with my readings. I am an expert in reiki. I do guidance and read client's twin flames. I also provide energy transmutation and tarot services.

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Psychic Shemere - Chicago, US | PsychicOz

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