Five Things Guys Should Notice During Sex

Five Things Guys Should Notice During Sex

Ladies, we spend a lot of time getting ready for dates. In fact, we spend a lot of time getting ready for any social event, whether or not we think we might meet an eligible partner there. We like to be prepared, and we might experience stress or anxiety if we find ourselves in a situation with a potential romantic partner without the preparation we think we need.

Women notice when we’ve gained a bit of weight, when we haven’t shaved, when we haven’t worn our sexiest pair of lingerie, or when we feel less than confident in our appearance. However, there is so much that guys don’t notice about our flaws or perceived imperfections, especially when we’re having sex with them.

Here are five things guys never notice during sex:

  1. Minor imperfections: Guys tend to look at the big picture (they get to have sex!) rather than the small details. They’re more focused on the fact that you’re engaged with them physically, and likely are not focused on the zit that popped out on your forehead this morning, or your cellulite, or the wrinkles around your eyes. Your imperfections are distant to the reality of you being interested in him.
  2. Noises and visuals: girls, never be afraid to let it all go. Your ‘o’ face isn’t embarrassing- it’s sexy! The noises and faces you make during sex are an indication of you having a good time; guys don’t notice if you look or sound weird, because they’re learning what you like the entire time.
  3. What you’re wearing: guys pay attention less to what you’re wearing, because they ultimately want to see you out of all those clothes. Even though you feel sexy in your matching lingerie, you don’t have to wear those clothes in order to impress a guy. Wear what makes you feel sexy and comfortable and strong, and a guy will pick up on that.
  4. Body hair: we don’t like it, and we go through painful lengths to get rid of it. If we haven’t waxed recently, we might feel intimidated by getting physically close to another person. However, most guys aren’t going to notice or care that you haven’t shaved in awhile; they might actually like it!
  5. Sweat happens: when you are physically attracted to someone, your odor can play a big part in letting them know. The pheromones that your body puts out can attract a compatible partner, but you can still use perfumes or deodorants with scents you enjoy.

Your imperfections are yours; embrace them, accept them, and learn to love yourself before worrying about anyone else. When you do find a compatible partner, remember that they likely do not see the same imperfections that you do. They are excited to be with you and to get to know you. If they do comment on your imperfections, maybe they aren’t worth as much of your time as you thought they were. You deserve all the love in the world.

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