Five Steps to Finding Love

Five Steps to Finding Love

Unfortunately, there is no five step program for finding lasting love. Each relationship is unique, and some last longer than others. We might find ourselves in love for periods of time, and out of love and single during other times. Finding love isn’t an exact science, but there are ways to find love when you are looking for it.

A healthy, strong, and lasting relationship isn’t impossible to have, but finding that person we want to spend the rest of our lives with can seem like an insurmountable challenge sometimes.

Here are a few tips you can take advantage of to find love in your life:

  1. Who you are trumps what you look like. Looks fade, but your character is what attracts people to you for the rest of your life. That’s not to say that appearances aren’t important; in order to find love you should feel confident, healthy, and strong for yourself first. Confidence in yourself makes you attractive to other people, and makes you feel strong and sexy at the same time.

Men and women want to be treated with respect in a relationship. They want to feel important and valued, desired and dignified. In a relationship, we should work to make it about one another and not all about ourselves.

  1. images (10)If you have respect for yourself, others will follow suit. Treat your body, your mind, and your emotions with the respect they deserve; remember to talk to yourself and treat yourself with grace. If you wouldn’t say or think these negative things about a close friend, don’t say or think those things about yourself! How you live your life is also a huge attraction to a potential partner: if you have personal and professional goals, hobbies, and a social circle, you have created a life for yourself that isn’t dependent on another person.
  2. Don’t play games. Too many people say they want a real and lasting relationship, but don’t actually put in the effort to change their bad relationship behaviors. The games we play while we are dating are not necessarily the games we should be playing with a long-term partner. Mystery is great and keeps the spark of a relationship alive but being too evasive can lead to communication problems.
  3. Find available partners. This means keeping your dating boundaries clear. Don’t go for people who are already dating someone else, people who are already married, or anyone else with complicated commitments. There is always someone out there who is available to love you without anyone else’s energy or life getting in the way.
  4. Be open to others. This means picking people to date who are also into you. Don’t fall for the people who act distant, disengaged, or too cool- these people are not right for you, and have their own relationship issues to work on. Find someone who loves you, appreciates you, and sees a future with you.

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