7 Ways to Know That You Are a Highly Intuitive Being

7 Ways You Know You Are Highly Intuitive

The world around us is constantly in motion like the ocean’s tides.  The universe vibrates at atomic levels that cannot even be explained.  Empaths, light workers, and intuitive people are especially sensitive the energy transmitted by others.

Below, we have shared 7 ways that you can discover if you are highly sensitive to energy:

  1. You know things before they occur: You may receive a knot in your gut or an intrinsic feeling of joy and regardless of the sensation, you know that something will occur before you physically hear the news.  It is important to remember that not all “knowing’s” will be negative.

Consider all of the positive knowing’s that you have had such as how you can sense someone is pregnant, or you suddenly think about an old friend just before they call you. Your body will experience energetic sensations as a way to identify exiting events as they unfold.  This can be presented as butterflies in your stomach, itchy palms, or hairs standing up on the back of your neck. Sensations can also defer depending on the situation.

2. Certain situations make you nervous: Highly sensitive people easily become overstimulated, especially in loud or crowded spaces.  Work to ground yourself in a basis of love rather than fear. If you feel nervous, know that you have to get yourself under control so that you can understand the situation around you.

3. You easily detect misinformation: If you are gifted at reading body language, why people select certain words, and energetic patterns then you can detect certain things from other people.  You can’t explain your abilities, you just know something to be true or false.

It is important that if you have information about someone that you try to keep it to yourself unless necessary to avoid hurting preexisting relationships.  Remember, sometimes your internal lie detector can be a bit off as it can work on hunches.  Focus your wisdom and efforts into improving your own life and not calling others out.

4. Receiving distinct visions: You might see images within your third eye.  People often will use this to manifest blessing into their life. The details of your visions can be so sharp, and the energetic vibrations are a gift from the universe so that your life may be more successful.  Make sure to write down all of your vision in as much detail as possible so you can review it periodically for greater insight or to see your track record of how accurate your predictions are.

5. You experience soul connections with people: You enjoy close relationships in your life, and you may have already met a soulmate or two.  Intuitive people have a knack for meeting or contacting the right people at the exact the right moment in their life in order for you both to grow.

6. You need solitude to recharge your spiritual batteries: Since you are so receptive to energy, your entire body can easily get fatigued.  Therefore, it is key for you to carve out alone time to hone your skills and identify proper avenues of self-care.

7. Your manifestations are powerful: It’s not easy to be a creator yet, somehow you thrive in taking control of your life, identifying the proper tools for your spiritual toolbox. This allows you time to process and reflect on your gifts.  Doing this can make you confident and no matter what the universe sends you, you will use it with excellence.