All About Automatic Writing Psychic Readings

Automatic Writing Psychic Readings

Automatic or “channeled” writing is a specialized method psychics use to receive messages from spirit guides. Anyone can practice automatic writing, whether they’re a practicing psychic or not. In automatic writing, the psychic allows the unconscious mind to receive intuitive guidance without the noise and interference from their conscious mind and limiting thoughts.

When psychics perform a reading using the technique of  automatic writing, all they need to do is to meditate for a brief time on a specific question, then begin writing for a predetermined length of time. Essentially, they’re reaching a stream of consciousness, which allows subconscious information to come to the forefront. When reading through what they wrote, the psychics uncover messages from spirit guides and the spiritual realm.

How Automatic Writing Readings Work

In reality, automatic writing is quite a simple practice. Probably the most difficult component is creating the proper conditions for it to take place. But seasoned automatic writing psychics all know just what they need to do.

Psychics of any specialty can perform automatic writing readings, regardless of the means they most commonly receive intuitive information. Psychics prepare for automatic writing sessions by briefly meditating and focusing on your specific concern or question. Then they simply use paper and a pen, or a word processing program on a computer, and start channeling spirit guides to discover the answers to your questions.

In the session, the psychic will write down any and every thought that comes into their consciousness, without judging what they’re channeling. They soon find a natural connection with the spiritual realm. Because of their general intuitive experience and their transcendent mastery of this specific technique, an automatic writing psychic will be able to find the answers to your questions quicker and more clearly than someone who is new to the method.

When To Get an Automatic Writing Reading

Readings with automatic writing psychics aren’t limited to certain questions or circumstances. However, such a reading would definitely be helpful if you want to tune in with your higher self or your subconscious mind. If you’re bewildered about your true feelings about a certain circumstance or what is actually happening in a puzzling situation in your life, an automatic writing psychic will channel your personal energy through spirit guides and help you discover the answers that are eluding you.

Preparing for an Automatic Writing Reading

As with any other reading with a psychic, you should prepare yourself for your session by quieting your mind and settling your energy. The best way to achieve this is to sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Focus on intentional slow, deep breathing to calm yourself.

If you have specific questions you’d like to discuss, write them down in advance so you’ll be ready to begin your session as soon as you connect with your automatic writing psychic.

The psychic will have also begun to prepare for your session in advance. When you connect, they will briefly meditate and tune in to your concern or question. Then they’ll simply use paper and a pen, or possibly a word processor on a computer, to start connecting with the spiritual realm to discover the answers to your questions. Learn more about automatic writing readings with psychics at!