When Your Ex Is on Your Mind

When Your Ex Is on Your Mind

It can be hard to move on. Whether you were the one getting dumped or the one doing the dumping, getting over a relationship can be a bit more difficult than we give it credit for. Oftentimes our lives are so entwined with one another that separating them results in heartache for both parties.

Moving on from a relationship takes different forms, and it all depends on the person. We react and deal with heartbreak in a variety of ways. No matter your breakup style, we all have moments where we look back on past relationships and think about our exes. Sometimes these moments take us by surprise, while other times our past relationships weigh heavy on our minds.

When an ex is on your mind, you might wonder why. There are a few reasons why they might be in your brain, and they aren’t all bad. There are emotional ties that connect you with that particular person; you are often sexually connected as well and might have hopes that love could be rekindled in the future.


Here are a few reasons why your ex might be on your mind, and what you can do to heal from those past hurts and move on.

Every relationship is unique; every person you have dated or been in a relationship with had their own likes, dislikes, and character traits. Some people break up and want to stay friends, while others might not want to ever be in contact with you ever again. No matter what your break up style is, its important to achieve healing and closure for yourself. You should feel happy, whole, and ready to move forward in your life with no regrets. Past relationships can only bring baggage along with them.

It can be easy to descend into negative thought patterns and habits after a break up. It’s normal to feel discouraged or down when this happens but remember that love isn’t bad. You will find happiness as a single individual, just as you could find happiness in the future with another person. Real love exists, and real love can come along many times in one lifetime.

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If you still have hopes for an old flame, getting your ex back isn’t impossible. However, it should always be your choice to take them back or not. If you broke up with them for a good reason, keep that reason in mind even if you are lonely or feeling insecure in your romantic life. No matter what, you need to make the choice that is healthiest for you and your goals for your life. Going back to an old lover might seem familiar and comfortable, but it isn’t always the right choice.

Love is a mystery, and it comes in many forms. You never know what love could be around the corner- are you ready for it?

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