Can Happiness Come from Cheating?

Can Happiness Come from Cheating?

Cheating happens. Whether you were young and dumb or old and jaded, there are situations where we cheat or are cheated on. If you are in a relationship with someone who is dating or married to someone else, it can be incredibly difficult to continue a life of sneaking around, lying, and still trying to feel like you are in love.

If you are the one in a relationship and you are cheating, you feel a lot of insecurity and fear. If your partner finds out, you risk losing them as well as the person you are having an affair with. No matter the situation, if there is cheating, there is also doubt being sewed into your minds. If you and/or your partner are cheating now, what is to keep them from cheating on you in the future?

It’s hard not to feel like you’re the second best choice when your partner goes home to their spouse or significant other. You wonder why they won’t leave their relationship to be with you, and wonder if you’re good enough to love. This creates a highly negative emotional cycle that sabotages both yourself and the relationships you are trying to have. Consider confiding in a friend or a trusted professional to see how you can keep away from this negativity.

If you or your partner are cheating, doubt is automatically a part of the equation. You wonder if they will leave their partner for you, if they’ll cheat again, or if you are worth loving after cheating. As best you can, try to foster honesty and transparency in your relationship. You both need to communicate with one another to express your concerns and uncertainties with your situation. This honesty can help happiness come out of infidelity.

If you are in a relationship with someone who is cheating and they leave their partner, you both need to take the opportunity to start fresh. You should work through the end of that previous relationship and be honest with one another moving forward. Candid conversations and transparency are key to developing a relationship outside of infidelity. By being honest with one another, you can move forward and keep yourselves from making the same mistakes as you have in the past.

Take your relationship slowly if your partner does leave their spouse. Neither of you are ready to jump into a relationship right away- you both need time to process the end of that relationship. This time of healing is necessary for supporting the two of you building a healthy relationship in the future.

In the end, happiness and a healthy relationship can come out of a cheating situation. However, a vibrant and healthy relationship has a much easier time growing and evolving when begun under better circumstances.

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