Clearing Your Mind to Feel Better in Life

Clearing Your Mind to Feel Better in Life

Do you have a lot of negativity in your life, and you need to have peace and harmony? If so, you can call on the light energy to help you to feel better and to be stronger.

When you clear your mind and use the golden light to do so, it can get rid of noise that you have in your head. It can be something that is strong and powerful, and it can help you to recharge your life and to keep your vibrational frequency high. Once you connect with the light, you will see that your divine source is there and that it will bring you peace and hope.

Once you are able to reach your divine self, you can use the light that comes out of you to help you to have blessings and to reach your highest self.

Raise Your Vibes

The best way that you can call on the golden light to help you is by meditating. You can clear your mind and do deep breathing while you visualize a white light coming to you. Ask the golden divine light to come to you and let it help you to be strong in your mental state. Allow good thoughts to come to you and command negative energy to go away.

Deep Breathe and Clear the Mind

Once you are in a place that is comfortable and where you will not be distracted, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. Focus all of your being on the breathing that you are doing and let it go deep into your belly. As you exhale your breaths, let the energy go from you.

Your life force is part of your breathing and when you do breathe in your lower stomach and exhale to let go of the negativity, the light can fill you.


Ask the guides to come and help you and protect you. Ask for your guides to show you support as you call on the golden divine light to come to you.

As you have your eyes closed and you are meditating, think about the most peaceful place you have ever been. This can be a forest, the beach, a campsite or whatever you love. Go to that place.

Peace and Light

Now, imagine that the light is coming down from the sun and the sun is coming up to meet you. This beautiful light will come to you, and it will give you life force energy. Imagine that the sun is so pretty that you cannot stop looking at it.

Allow yourself to feel the sun as if you are in it. Think of the happiness and the warmth that you feel as the light of the sun beats down on you.

Really let your imagination run wild and make it so that you can feel it coming to you. See the joy filling you and the light of the sun shining on you.

As you breathe in and out, imagine that you are taking in the light from the sun. This is the golden light that you are breathing in. Imagine how this is making you feel. Imagine how happy that you are that the sun is there to give you light and peace and endless possibilities in your life.

Let the sun make you smile and make sure that you are thinking of positive things in your life. As you breathe in and out let go of negativity in your life. Let go of anything that stresses you out and fill your mind with good things. As you breathe in and out, imagine that you are letting the negative things go and breathing in good things.

Imagine the dark things leaving you. This could look like a dark mist or something else. Let the golden light replace this mist and bring you peace and love. Remember that this is a new day and let the divine light come to you and flow through your whole body. Let your aura be filled with this light and let it bring you happiness and peace. Let go of anything that is holding you back.

Peace and a Clear Mind

As you deep breathe, feel the warmth of the light coming into you and feel the peace and truth filling you. Let the warmth of the light give you clarity and a clear mind. Let the light bring you peace and joy and as you feel the warmth of the sun filling your heart and your mind, let it go outside of you and cover your whole being.

Do not hold on to things that you are not certain about, let the golden light go into your heart and through your stomach to the earth to ground you and recharge you.

Breathing and Clearing the Mind

Each time that you need to clear your mind and raise your vibrations, you can do this. You can call on the golden light to help you anytime you need it. This is the best way that you can feel what is going on inside of you.

If you love to meditate, do this to recharge and guide yourself and make sure that you are focusing on your breathing and the light around you. This will help you to live a beautiful life and allow you to shine.

Any light will make you happier and as the light fills you, learn to love and appreciate yourself and always thank your guides for supporting and keeping you.