Compatible, But is There Chemistry?

Compatible, But is There Chemistry

When you are in a relationship you should have a balance of chemistry and compatibility. You should look at the person and be interested in them physically and the way that your body releases norepinephrine or dopamine will help you to have a new outlook on how you look at this person. When everything makes you feel excited, this is sexual chemistry that you are feeling.

Sexual Chemistry

Having sexual chemistry towards someone is something that is normal. This kind of chemistry is important when you like someone and there should be a sexual feeling that you have and a connection that you are able to make with someone that you like. But the other important thing to ask is, “Is there compatibility?”

Being Compatible

Being in a relationship requires there to be some kind of compatibility. There are different forms from friendship to marriage and each of them play a role in how you feel about someone that you have met.

Compatibility is important where sexual chemistry makes you desire someone, compatibility makes you want to stay with them.

Compatibility for the Long Run

Once you are compatible with someone, you want to keep this. You want to make sure that you desire to be with that person over and over both physically and emotionally. The chemistry should have those feelings of wanting to be with someone and have their body, but the compatibility needs have to be met as well.

There can be an unbalance when it comes to being with someone but for the relationship to be healthy, there has to be a balance between compatibility and chemistry.

Friendship Relationships

Being friends with someone isn’t always easy. You need to work towards friendships and there has to be some kind of compatibility in these relationships. Being best friends with someone is great as long as there is a connection that you make that doesn’t require a lot of hurt or tiredness.

Understanding Chemistry

When you think of chemistry sometimes you might think of a spark or something bigger like fireworks. This is when your body releases chemicals that can make you feel more attracted to someone.

When you know that you have chemistry with someone, you will feel comfortable to be around them. This means that there are limited boundaries in the partnership and romance. This can be something that makes you realize that you are with the right person.

Knowing that there is chemistry though can be confusing. You can try to force someone to be compatible with you but forcing chemistry is harder. There needs to be both.

Chemistry and Communication

Chemistry isn’t just sexual, but it can be how you communicate with one another. Are you able to talk and have deep conversations or are you just able to make small talk? There is also chemistry that is there even if you aren’t talking to someone.

The way that you handle your body language and the eye contact that you make, or don’t make, can make someone know if there is chemistry or not. Pay attention when you are communicating with someone. See if there are signs that the person is present with you, has an open body posture and makes eye contact.

You can’t have this chemistry or at least know this chemistry when you are texting each other or talking to each other virtually. You need to speak to someone face to face to know if this is there.

Kinds of Compatibility

There are different kinds of compatibility, and this is just what happens in human relationships. Here are some of the different kinds:

  • Relationship Compatibility

When there is strong compatibility then you will treat each other with kindness and love. This often follows society and the norms of that but also can be part of the culture and childhood that you had. There are different ways that you can define a relationship style and sometimes the path to the relationship might be different than what someone hoped for.

The way that you respond to your partner and the way that you react to things can allow for there to be communication or it can stop communication.

  • Compatibility and Love

When you love someone, you need to know that not one person can meet all of your needs, even in love. You have to learn to set boundaries but do this while you are building trust. You need to learn to love yourself and to respect your own self and your own needs as you do life with someone else.

There are some cultures that will look at things like the zodiac or the birth chart in order to find out what other sign or person that they might be compatible with.

  • Compatibility in Marriage

When two people are committed to each other, this is marriage. This is a union that ties couples together. This can also be based on different cultural upbringing and even religious role models. Being married will combine you with someone that should want to be committed to you.

Chemistry and Compatibility

There is always going to be some kind of chemistry when you are in a relationship with someone. This can also be something short term like a waiter or a customer service representative. It can go beyond that, of course, and can be a partner, a co-worker, a friend, family member or someone else. These kinds of relationships all have chemistry and compatibility.

Think about the relationships that you are in and figure out what kind of compatibility and chemistry that you have with these people. Instead of wanting to find the perfect relationship, you need to figure out what kind of relationship that you actually want.

Final Thoughts

Finding someone that you connect with is important. Make sure that you are connecting with people that make you want to be around them and that will support you and encourage you in life while making you happy.