Dealing with Indecision

Dealing with Indecision

We often second guess ourselves. We spend so much time stressing over a big decision, that by the time we’re done considering all the pros and cons we’re exhausted. Having confidence in our choices is something we have lost over the years, as the decisions have gotten bigger and we’ve lost our ability to make them.

We make decisions every day that affect the course of our lives, and yet we rarely give ourselves credit for the good decisions we do make. The negative decisions that result in bad jobs, bad relationships, or broken ties with family members are the ones we remember the most. We shy away from making decisions because we don’t want to end up making the wrong ones.

If you want to gain confidence in your decisions, here are five ways to start:

  1. Use your instincts. Your gut often tells you what is right and what is wrong. Get good at listening to what your instincts are telling you. Some decisions do indeed require thought and patience to make, while others are made in a split second. Trust your judgement, and don’t overthink your decisions.
  2. 124-300x336Good decisions should automatically fill you with confidence. If you’ve made a big decision and feel good about it afterwards, congratulations! You still might be nervous and excited, but that’s normal. If you are always questioning the choices you’ve made, you can undermine your own ability to decide.
  3. Good decisions result in positivity. If you’ve made a good choice, positive events will follow. You can confidently go forward with pride.
  4. The people around you agree with your decision. If you are making a big life choice, chances are you will tell close friends and family about it. If these people agree with your choice, then it is probably the right one. They want what is best for you, too. The support of your loved ones is essential in making big decisions.
  5. You feel peace regarding your choice. A sense of inner satisfaction is a good sign that you have made the right choice. If you are confident in your decision-making skills, you feel peace when you’ve made a choice.

Learning how to confidently make decisions is a lifelong effort. Start now with small decisions and work up until you are confidently making life-changing decisions with precision and confidence.