Different Types of Numerology and How it Helps You


There are different ways that you can figure out your numerology information and this has been going on since ancient times. There are different numbers that have to do with traits that you will have and some of them can show you your purpose even beyond a challenge.

If you want to understand numerology, you can learn that it can have a lot to do with who you are as a person.

When you want to get an accurate numerology reading, you need to understand the four main types of numerology and where numerology comes from.

What is Numerology?

You have to understand that numerology is a symbol of numbers and meanings that come with your date of birth and your name. There can also be other aspects based around your life. The idea behind numerology is that there are names and numbers that are connected and that each number has a certain vibrational frequency.

Everyone has different numbers in numerology and these numbers can tell us about who we are and what kind of personality that we have.

Types of Numerology

There are different types of numerology that people use, and this can help you to find your life path. There are four that are most common including:


The Pythagorean Numerology or Western Numerology is based on Ancient Greek times. This is a popular form of numerology. Pythagoras was a mathematician, and he developed this system because he believed that everything was based on the universe and with numbers.

This kind of numerology gives a number a certain meaning and there are 1-9 in numbers and then 11 and 22 are considered master numbers.

Each of the numbers work with a different letter and they all have both positive and negative thoughts. This can help you to understand your personality and to know how life gives and takes from you.

How Does Western Numerology Work?

You can use Pythagorean numerology to find out your purpose in life. The numbers will tell you what your purpose is.

You can get this number by adding the values of your full name and then making them into one number which would be a master number. This has a positive and negative side.

  • A, J, S = 1
  • B, K, T =2
  • C, L, U =3
  • D, M, V =4
  • E, N, W =5
  • F, O, X = 6
  • G, P, Y =7
  • H, Q, Z =8
  • I, R =9

Once you get a name such as Sam Fox you would add 1+1+4+6+6+6 and it would equal 24 and then add 2+4 together to get 6.

You would then look up what 6 says about you and your purpose.

  • 1=being a strong leader and being selfless.
  • 2=having harmony and being sensitive.
  • 3=having a good imagination and being creative.
  • 4=being practical and argumentative.
  • 5=having flexibility and humor.
  • 6=being nervous and hating being alone.
  • 7=being lazy and having too much confidence and being spiritual.
  • 8=being judgmental and wanting material things.
  • 9=being kind and careless.
  • 11=having foresight and being inspirational.
  • 22=Having power and internal conflict.


Kabbalah Numerology is from Hebraic science. This is a popular numerology with movie stars and singers.

This kind of numerology can tell you who you are and what you are insecure about in life. This numerology helps you to understand your life and be self-reflective. You can use this with your name and date of birth.

How to Use Kabbalah Numerology

This is how you take your first, middle and last name and then you give it all one number. You divide it by 9 and add 1 to it. For example: Bill Tim Scott would be 2+9+3+3+2+9+4+1+3+6+2+2 =46 46=4+6=10 10=1+0=1

  • A, J, S = 1
  • B, K, T =2
  • C, L, U =3
  • D, M, V =4
  • E, N, W =5
  • F, O, X = 6
  • G, P, Y =7
  • H, Q, Z =8
  • I, R =9

Your number will help you to understand what is in your core and how this can change or impact you in the future.

  • 1=you want to have change.
  • 2=you increase who you are.
  • 3=love
  • 4=you follow self-destructive behaviors
  • 5=you are who you are in your heart.
  • 6=you need to have a good foundation for happiness.
  • 7=You are spiritual.
  • 8=You trust your intuition
  • 9=You are a lucky person.


Vedic Numerology or Tamil Numerology is the oldest kind of numerology. It uses the numbers 1-9 and focuses on your characteristics and who you are.

This helps you to know your destiny. All of the numbers in this numerology have a certain vibration. You calculate it and get your Psychic number.

How to Use Vedic Numerology

There is a number given to the day you were born. If you were born on November 26, 1990, you would focus on 2 and 6 and add them together to get 8 and this is your Psychic Number.

  • 1=You are a leader.
  • 2=You are a teacher.
  • 3=You are an artist.
  • 4=You are a builder.
  • 5=You are someone that loves to entertain.
  • 6=You like to take care of your home.
  • 7=You are a mystic person, and you like to help others.
  • 8=You work hard and want fame.
  • 9=You love people, and you want unconditional love.


The last numerology we are covering in this article is Chaldean Numerology. This focuses on mystical numbers. This is a numerology that is not as popular because it is harder to understand.

Some people believe that you can get very accurate predictions by using this numerology and it can help you to find happiness and success.

How to Use Chaldean Numerology

This numerology only goes up to the number 8.

  • A, I, J, Q, Y =1
  • B, K, R =2
  • C, G, L, S=3
  • D, M, T =4
  • E, H, N, X=5
  • U, V, W=6
  • O, Z=7
  • F, P=8

You would use your first name such as Tom and you would add 4+7+4=15 and then add 1+5 =6.

This would be your Chaldean number, and this can help you to know what is going on in your life that can help you to figure out where to go next. If you use this, the common numbers are 10 and 20.

  • 10=You know your own destiny.
  • 11=people are against you.
  • 12=anxiety and stress that hold you back.
  • 13=things will happen that you never expected.
  • 14=you will find fortune.
  • 15=Someone is influencing your life.
  • 16=Have a plan so you can find happiness.
  • 17=things in your past that were hard will hold you back.
  • 18=Something dishonest will interfere with your life.
  • 19=You will have strong self-esteem that will help you reach your goals.
  • 20=You have to stop falling for material things.

Why Is Numerology Important for You?

Numerology is important because you can benefit and find out answers about your future. It can help you to focus on your path and to make plans that you need.

When you focus on love and your relationship, your numbers can help you to find people you are compatible with and what kind of relationship challenges that you will have.

This can also help you to follow your intuition more and to know who you are inside. Do you know what would make you happy? What about the skills you have? Numerology can help you to know these things and help you to find answers.