How to Build Up Your Self-Esteem

How to Build Up Your Self-Esteem

People often talk about the idea that you can never be with someone if you don’t first love yourself. This can be a hard concept to accept but it can also be very helpful. When you love yourself and when you even like yourself, you will see that you can give and accept love much easier than when you don’t. Loving yourself will show in all things in your life and it will make it easier to be calm and happy. Loving yourself is not really necessary to have someone else love you but there are many reasons why loving yourself can help you to find someone.

There are different things about loving who you are and about feeling good about who you are. You might have self-worth which means that you know that you have value, or you might have self-esteem which means you are confident in what you do. But what happens if you don’t have either? Self-worth is more important even than self-esteem because it shows you that you are worth something and this feeling will never leave when something bad happens. These two things can work together to build up your love for yourself. Once you have more self-esteem you will see that your overall self-worth will increase as well!

Understanding Your Self-Worth

Feeling confident in yourself is very important and you can build this confidence by taking time to do these things:


Listen to some music that makes you feel good. You might even want to find some music that you can dance to or music that reminds you of when you were young and happy.


Once you find you some good music, move your body. Do this and you will make your energy increase. This will help you in your mind and your body.

Become More Confident

Write notes or email people and tell them that you think they are great. Tell them good things about them and spread love and peace to them.

Look at Memories

Find memories such as pictures of videos of times when you were happy. Look at these things and remember what the memory makes you feel.

Learning List

Write down some things that you want to know more about and things that you want to learn. Learning these new things will give you more confidence.

Social Media

Find people on social media that are positive and ones that can help to inspire you and make you feel motivated. Get rid of accounts that make you feel negativity or make you feel bad about who you are.

Find Happiness

Find things in your life that bring you joy and happiness. Do things that make you smile and make you feel like dancing. The more you do these things the more joy you will have.

Clean Things

Take time to clean things around you such as your room and your closet. Get rid of clutter and get rid of things that you do not need any longer.


Set boundaries in your life. Do not let others use you. Limit the things that you do for others. Communicate to people and tell them what your boundaries are so that you can save your energy.

Change Your Space

If you have a hard time building your self-esteem, try going someplace else. Go to a different room or go outside. Find a place to go that makes your mood joyous.


Listen to what you are feeling and embrace those feelings. Allow yourself to share your feelings even if they are negative. When you learn to share what you are feeling it will make you more confident and independent.

Look Who Is Around You

Pay attention to the people that you spend your time with and see what they make you feel when you are around them. Do you feel that you cannot be yourself or that you have to hide who you really are? If you feel that way, find a new group of people to hang out with.

What Do You Like?

Look at yourself and find things that you like about yourself. Write these things down. It doesn’t have to be about your looks strictly but about everything. Are you kind and loving? Write that down.

Be Kind and Loving

Do you feel that you misjudge people often? Find a way to read people and see the good things about them instead of focusing on the bad things.  Change your thought patterns.

Lower Yourself

Do not always think that you have to be perfect. No one is perfect and you will never be perfect. Work hard and if you make a mistake, get up and try again. Stop comparing yourself to others and do not let your past cause you to dislike yourself. Embrace your past and learn to let it go.

Make Small Steps

Increasing your self-esteem and self-worth takes time. You will do this as you build your thoughts and your love for yourself. Allow yourself to experience things in a positive way and make sure that you set small goals that you can reach.

Do small things to realize that you are worth more than you ever even realized. You can get the results that you want and learn to love yourself if you just put the effort in.