Improve Your Psychic Gifts

Improve Your Psychic Gifts

Are you someone that wants to become a psychic? If you are wondering if you can be one, the truth is that you are already one. Everyone has some kind of psychic gift from intuition to telepathy and a lot of things in between. 

Once you understand your gift and you are able to get the guidance that you need, you will see that you can get information that can help you throughout your day. As you accept the information that you get from your gift, you will see that you can trust yourself more and be more open.

Your senses will change, and you will get information that you never thought was possible. Your intuition will guide you and show you what you need to do. There are so many different possibilities when it comes to training your psychic gifts. As you learn to develop them and embrace who you are, you will see that you can practice these things and find other people around to practice with.

Psychics have different abilities that allow them to understand what is going on inside of them. With their senses, they can hear, feel, smell, see and know information without really knowing why.

Names of Gifts

Here are some of the names of the psychic gifts:

  • Clairvoyance: Clear seeing.
  • Clairaudience: Clear hearing.
  • Clairsentience: Clear feeling.
  • Claircognizance: Clear knowing.
  • Clairalience: Clear smelling.
  • Clairgustance: Clear tasting.
  • Clairtangency: Psychometry.

Cleansing Your Energies

Before you begin practicing your gifts, you need to make sure that your energies are cleansed and that, you are positive. Take all the negative thoughts like stress and anxiety and replace them with other things. Take deep breaths and clear your mind.

Let yourself connect with your intuition and with your psychic senses. As you do this, you will see that you can set intentions and that you can understand what your gifts are and how to use them. 

How to Increase Your Gifts

Here are some ways to increase or develop your psychic gifts:

  • Breathing

You can breathe deep, and this can relax you and cause you to change your energy throughout your body. You can use practices like Tai Chi and yoga or do breathwork to help you with this. As you do this, you will be more aware of what your emotions are, and you will be in control of yourself.

You can use this to connect with yourself and to increase your intuition. Clear your mind and open up your psychic gifts.

  • Use Your Gifts Not Your Mind

Your mind will try to get you to have information that you can prove. Leave your mind off of this and just use your gift. Let your mind be there to learn but don’t let it interfere with developing your gift. 

Ask questions like what, who, where, when why and allow yourself to not be biased or to judge the answers that you get from your own mind.

  • Read Auras

Auras are the energy field that surrounds people. You can read this field of energy around yourself or others. Once you start doing this, you can find out what people are feeling and if they are healthy or not. 

Close your eyes and think about someone that you think of that has a lot of energy. This is someone that has a strong aura. They are probably people that have strong intuition and a lot of joy. As you begin reading auras, you will realize that energy and aura go hand in hand.

  • Psychometry

This is a practice where you hold an object and then you find out where it has been and what energies it has. You can do this by finding something that someone has that they know the history of the object and use your gifts to see if you can give the information without being told.

  • Talk to Your Spirit Guides

Your spirit guides can help to guide you towards your gifts and help you on the right path. Ask them what your path is and what you can do to develop your gifts. They will help you. Here is how you can connect with them:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Take deep breaths.
  • Relax.
  • Ask your guides to come to you.
  • Notice if there are changes around you in temperature or in your emotions or thoughts.
  • Pay attention to the shifting of the energies.
  • After you talk to your guides and ask questions, thank them for coming to you.
  • Journal what you heard or felt.
  • Have Power

Meditating can give you power and help you to feel better in your life. Try to sit and meditate for as long as you can. Don’t let your emotions guide you or control you but learn to let things go. As you learn to calm yourself and ask questions, you will see that you can develop your gifts along the way.

  • Self-Development

Read about things that you are interested in such as developing your gifts. As you become more aware of things around you and you develop your mind, you will gain knowledge that you need to build your gifts and maybe even find out that you have other ones that were hidden.

  • Connect

Find people to connect with that have the same desires that you have. If you have a certain gift, find people that have that same gift and share your differences and your thoughts.

  • Positive Affirmations

You need to make sure that you are being positive, and you can do this by using positive affirmations. Feel safe in your own being by saying things that make you feel powerful and positive. Use your mind to shift your thoughts to make yourself more positive. Here are some great affirmations to say:

  • I am who I am.
  • I speak the truth.
  • I have power in my psychic giftings.
  • My intuition is proof that I am on the right path.

Tarot Card Reading

Do your own tarot card reading. You can do this by pulling a card each day out of the deck and interpreting it for yourself. Write down what your intuition says each day about your card and find out if your intuition is right. Look at the images and the symbols and see which cards you feel connected with.

There are so many different symbols in tarot card reading that you can find the answers that you are looking for you, but you have to trust your intuition to guide you.

Psychic Senses and Powers

Psychic senses and powers are the same thing. They are slightly different in term, but they are all based on the information that someone gets based on energy and on the spiritual world. The information that you get comes from your psychic senses and this can be things you hear, see, taste, feel and know in the spiritual world.

Psychic senses are sensations and feelings that you have and people that are empathic are able to have these sensations fully because of the energies that they have. 

Psychic powers are the same thing, but this is also the gifts that people have and the abilities that they have in the psychic world. These are things that can be used interchangeably, and they are all based on the same things.

The intuition that you have is something that you should love and celebrate. Don’t be afraid of your gifts and as you learn to develop them, you will be stronger and more powerful. Connect with your inner knowing and your higher self and be your true self.