Will Your Ex Come Back?

Will Your Ex Come Back?

After a breakup it can be hard to get over your ex. Sometimes people that go through a breakup wonder if their ex will ever come back to them. There can be signs that your ex will come back to you.

Looking at the signs can cause you to have more hurt from the breakup and the truth is that if you have gone through a breakup, you might not even want to get back with your ex. You might concentrate on living your best life.

Why do you want to worry about what your ex is doing or what is going to happen to your ex? If you hope that your ex will come back to you then you are probably going through the grief of your breakup still. This is a time that your mind will try to convince you that your ex could come back to you and that the breakup is only going to last for a short period of time.

Your mind likes things to be easier and sometimes it wants you to believe what you hope for in your heart. The best thing that you can do though is to live your best life and to be happy. Your mind might even be trying to get you to figure out how to get back with your ex because it wants to have an easy way out.

If your ex broke up with you there is a chance that they won’t come back to you on their own and if they do you might have to go through the same breakup again.

Do Exes Come Back?

Sometimes an ex will come back after a breakup. This is less than half of the time that the breakup occurs but if they do come back chances are that you will be able to have a healthier relationship the second time around.

Ex boyfriends are more likely to come back than ex-girlfriends and there is a chance that they could come back to you and be with you for the long term as long as things were fixed. You might wonder if and when your ex is going to come back to you, but the truth is there is no real answer to this.

All of this depends on what your ex wants to do and what they decide. You can wait for them to come back to you but if you want them to come back sooner you might need to do something to make them want to come back to you.

You have the ability to make decisions that will affect what happens next in your love life. You can determine where your love journey goes form here. You don’t have to wait for your ex to come back to you but if you want them to, there are things that you can do to make them want to come back to you.

Signs Your Ex Will Come Back

Here are some signs that your ex will come back to you!

  • You Are On and Off Again

If you and your ex are people that had on and off again relationships, they might come back to you. This is a pattern that seems to be hard to work through, but this can happen over and over again in your life.

If your relationship has a pattern of this then your ex will probably come back. You probably won’t even have to do anything to make this happen. It doesn’t mean that they will stay with you and chances are the pattern will continue.

How to Stop the Cycle

If you have this cycle in your relationship, then you need to figure out what to do and how to make this stop. Ask yourself these things:

    • Why are you not committing to each other?
    • Why is the relationship unhealthy?
    • Are you able to communicate with each other?
    • Are you or your ex afraid to commit?

Try to understand the pattern that you have with your partner and figure out what issues that you have that cause this to keep happening. It is important that you are in a healthy relationship and if that can’t happen, move on.

  • You Broke Up in an Argument

Sometimes people get into an argument and they breakup due to that. This can be a last second decision and sometimes the ex will come back and realize that they were wrong. If you broke up with each other because you were fighting and you were upset or they were upset, there is a chance they will come back to you.

If your relationship has issues that you haven’t addressed including differences, insecurity, a lack of communication, cheating or more, you might need to talk to them before you get back.

How to Fix Things in This Situation

Even though your ex will probably come back, you might need to increase your chances by talking to them. Communicate about what happened and what you can do to not let it happen again. There might not be anything wrong with the relationship and you might see that you just lack in communication. Fix this and learn to listen to each other.

  • They Told You They Miss You

An ex will sometimes come to you and tell you that they miss you and they don’t want to be broken up with you. They might have felt that the breakup was necessary at the time but there is a chance that after they think it over that they might want to come back to you.

If there is no solution to fix the problems in your relationship though, it might be a better idea to move on.

What if They Want to Come Back?

If this happened to you and you want to understand why you and your ex broke up, ask yourself these things:

    • Was this due to external things?
    • Does the relationship need fixed?
    • Are we unhappy with each other?
    • Do we really love each other?

Talk to your ex and figure out why you broke up with each other. Learn to listen and to speak and make sure that you don’t fight when you try to have a conversation. As you understand why your ex broke up with you, see if its something you can fix. Are you able to communicate better to fix things? Or are you just both unhappy?

Figure out if there is a solution to fix the problems. Once you have had time apart, you can think more clearly about what is going on and what you learned from the situation. Just because you are trying to fix things doesn’t mean that you’re the problem.

Remind yourself that you both have made mistakes and learn to work through them if you want the relationship to work. Sometimes you have to do things to get your ex to come back and they won’t always come back on their own. Talk to them if you want to work through things and don’t be stubborn.

  • The Relationship Was Good

If you and your ex feel that the relationship was good when you broke up, chances are they will come back to you. If there was a strong sense of trust and you had a bond that was happy and full of peace, you will miss each other.

Having a good relationship doesn’t mean that there won’t be arguments. Even good relationships have fights. If you fight all the time, that is a different story and an unhealthy relationship but if it happens here and there you can work through it.

If you have this connection with your partner and you feel like you will never have it again, your ex might come back to you. They might not come back on their own and you might have to start speaking to them. Learn to fix things and how to have a healthy relationship.

  • They Keep in Touch

When your ex is keeping in touch with you on social media or through other people, chances are that they are still interested in you, and they might want to come back to you. When they are constantly messaging you, this is a big sign they will come back to you.

If your ex stays in touch with your family and friends, then this is another sign that they might come back. Having an ex that is hot and cold with you might be a sign that he still loves you, but it might not mean they will come back.

Make sure that if your ex does come back that they are there to stay. You don’t want to get in a pattern where they are coming and leaving all the time and breaking your heart over and over again.

What if They Keep in Touch?

Maybe you and your ex needed some time apart and you needed a chance to grow. If this was why you let them go or why the breakup happened, this is a good sign that things can be good for both of you later.

  • They Still Love You

An ex that tells you that they still love you will probably come back to you. They will still have strong feelings for you, and they probably will come back. Chances are that your ex has told you that they love you and that they miss you.

Whatever is broken in the relationship that caused them to leave you needs to be fixed before you ever commit to the relationship again.

  • They Are Honest

Your ex might decide that they want to start seeing or talking to you again even though it might take them a while to decide that. If they send you a message and they are speaking honestly to you, this is a good sign that they want to see you and they miss you.

If your ex comes back to you, you need to see if this will work out. Be patient with them and with the relationship.

Sending Them a Message

Before you ever send a message to your ex, make sure that you want to fix the relationship. Don’t send one until you have healed, and you can think clearly.

  • They Want to See You

Getting a message from your ex that they want to see you doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to get back together. Your ex might decide that they need to tell you something, but they might not want to get back with you.

What if They Want to See You?

If your ex wants to see you and you wonder if they want to get back with you, here are some things to know:

    • Don’t meet with them if you’re feeling needy or desperate. You won’t win them back if you are feeling this way. Keep your no contact until you are strong.
    • Take time to reflect on what went wrong. Think about what you can do differently when and if you get back together.
    • Look nice and have good posture. Make sure that if you meet up with them that you will look your best.
    • Enjoy yourself. If you do meet up with them, laugh and have a good time even if you have to fake it.
  • Your Ex Knows What Went Wrong

If you and your ex have broken up with each other then chances are that something in the relationship needs to be fixed. You need to figure out what the issues are, and you need to figure out what you can do to fix things. If something can’t be fixed, focus instead on healing yourself and moving on.

You or your ex probably left because something in the relationship wasn’t working right. Something could have been broken or something might be missing that one of you need. Sometimes this is a lack of communication but sometimes it can be something else.

People have different issues in their relationships from communication to understanding each other. Sometimes you need to work on yourself before you ever get back with your ex or even decide to date someone again.

If you know why you and your ex broke up with each other and you know what you can do to fix it, your ex might come back. You have to work through these things and not ignore them or chances are that one of you will leave again.

How to Fix a Relationship

You need to fix your relationship if you or your ex come back to each other. Even if you don’t, figure out what went wrong and work on improving yourself. The better that you are the more chances you will have of having a happy relationship in the future with someone.

If communication was the main issue, don’t make the same mistakes that you made in this relationship. Learn from it and don’t try to force yourself to be someone else but to be better. If your ex just didn’t want to be with you anymore, then you need to find out if your ex was the one with the problem.

Why Do Exes Come Back?

Exes can come back for many reasons. Sometimes they come back because they are jealous of your new relationship or because they miss you. They might not be able to stop thinking about you or they might just have grown and realize that the breakup was a mistake.

If your ex comes back for poor reasons like jealousy, chances are that they will leave you again. They probably have low self-esteem that makes them want to leave you but if they don’t do anything to work on themselves then they won’t change, and the breakup is bound to happen again.

If your ex realizes that they had a special person and they love you, they will do what it takes to fix things and to make the relationship better. This will be a time that they will grow and mature and they will prove to you that they want the relationship to work.

Signs They Won’t Come Back

Here are some signs that your ex probably won’t come back:

    • They tell you they don’t want to come back.
    • They get into a new relationship and have been in it for more than six months.
    • You were in a toxic relationship.
    • They haven’t talked to you for six months or more.

Why Won’t an Ex Come Back?

Here are some of the reasons that your ex might choose to not come back to you:

    • You are needy and clingy.
    • You are desperate.
    • You plead and beg them to come back to you.
    • They grow and realize that the relationship was toxic.
    • You try to make them jealous or manipulate them.
    • Your ex meets someone new.

How Can You Make Your Ex Come Back?

There are some things that you might be able to do to get your ex to think about coming back to you. Here are some ways to get them to come back:

    • Don’t be needy.
    • Don’t be desperate.
    • Don’t push them away with your anger.
    • Try the no contact rule.
    • Focus on growth and bettering yourself.
    • Work on your communication skills.
    • Reach out to them when you are ready.
    • Focus on having a good relationship.

Using the No Contact

Many exes will come back after you do the no contact because they have time to see that they miss you. Giving them space will allow them to see what it would be like without you in their life. Sometimes an ex won’t come back at all, and it depends on the breakup and why it happened.

The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you are healing and that you are doing everything you can to better your own life. When your ex is ready, if they ever are, they will reach out to you.

Rebound Relationships and Exes

If your ex gets into a rebound relationship and they are dating other people, they may or may not come back. You can’t control them, but you can control how you live your own life. Make sure that you are focusing on your growth, and you are focusing on healing.

When Will Your Ex Come Back?

Most exes will come back within 1-6 months of time. Make sure that if you have broken up and you want them to come back to you that you have grown and you are open to what changes need to happen to make the new relationship better than the past.

Creating a Healthy Relationship

If your ex wants to come back and have a healthy relationship, here are some things to do:

    • Set expectations.
    • Speak about what caused you to breakup with each other.
    • Talk about how you can both bring positive changes.
    • Talk about going slow.

What Can You Do to Make Your Ex Come Back?

Your ex might want to come back but something might be stopping them. When you talk to them talk about how you are growing and how you have healed. Be honest and open with them and if you want to tell them you want to try again, tell them but don’t expect them to agree.

How Can You Get Past a Breakup?

It can be hard to get past a breakup and this can be a hard time of grieving. You can talk to a mental health professional or a therapist if you need to. Talk to someone if the pain makes your life unbearable.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to know if your ex is going to come back to you? The answer is that no one really knows. Sometimes breakups last forever and sometimes they are temporary. Being in denial about your breakup will not make your ex come back to you. The best thing that you can do is to focus on what you need to do to better your life.

Your ex may or may not come back. If you have a good attitude and you are open and honest about your feelings and your emotions, then you can get to a point where you are happy rather, they come back or not. You might find that being in a new relationship is the right choice instead of getting back with your ex.

Make sure if you do decide to get back with your ex that you and they are in a healthy relationship that is full of love and peace.


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