Learn How to Cast Runes

Learn How to Cast Runes

Are you interested in the psychic world, and you would like to learn how to cast runes? Runes are a tool of divination like tarot cards and oracle cards, and they can help to guide you where you need to go in life. These are things that help to look at the energies around you and find out what you want to know.

The runes are not things that can give you sure fire answers, but you can learn to cast them to find out what kind of answers you are seeking. Just like with other tools, you have to learn what they mean. Once you understand the basics of runes, you can go deeper into what they mean.

Things You Need

There are different kinds of rune sets that you can buy but the oldest and most common is called the Elder Futhark runes. This has 24 different runes. Maybe you have already bought a set or maybe you have made your own set but for this article, the runes are being referred to as the Elder Futhark runes.

After you understand what each rune means, you can move to bigger ways of casting them. This is kind of like how you can do different tarot spreads. The way that you cast can help you to figure out what journey you should take.

If you don’t have one, a cloth can be used for rune casting, and you can find these many places. These can help you to not ruin or lose your runes. You need to put the cloth out on a table and leave your runes in the bag to start. Always use the hand that is dominate to you when you start to cast.

Three Rune Casting

Casting three different runes at the same time is one of the easiest ways to do a single cast. Select three of them by putting them on the table one at a time. Put the runes in a row left to right.

The first rune means the situation you are looking at.

The second rune means the challenge that you are facing.

The third rune is what action you need to take.

Five Rune Casting

When you choose to cast five runes, you still need to lay them out one by one. Do not put them in a row this time but put them in some kind of pattern.

The first rune will go in the middle, and this is the center.

The second rune can be put in a cross shape around the center one. This one should go to the left of the center one.

The third rune will go above the center rune.

The fourth and fifth can be below and to the right of the center rune.

You can choose if you want to put the runes up or down like the cards that you do when doing a tarot reading. If you want them to be turned over, do this and you will be able to feel what the rune is by the shapes on them.

The runes 2, 1 and 5 are the runes that mean past, present and future. The one on the south will tell you what the problem is and how you can solve it. The third rune will be what you can do once you figure out the problem.

Nine Rune Casting

Once you are good at doing the three casting and the five casting, you can try a nine casting. This is a special layout based on Norse mythology. This legend says that the Norse god Odin would look for knowledge. He would sacrifice himself at the center of the nine world for nine days and then he would know what the ruins meant.

You can use a nine cast if you are good to decipher the runes. This can show you what you can do in your life and what talents and gifts that you have. When you do a nine cast, you need to remember what your spiritual gifts are and then pick a rune one by one, up to 9 and then put them in your other hand. You should always have strong intentions before you put the runes on the cloth.

Whatever rune is in the middle will be the one that says what you are going through. The ones on the furthest edges are the least important.  Figure out which runes are touching the spread. How close they are can tell you what is influencing your life inside and out.


Always trust your intuition and listen to what kind of things you should do when doing rune casting. Listen to what your intuition says about how many to spread and how to read them. There are no real answers when doing a rune casting, but your intuition can help to guide you.