Red Flags in Your Relationship

Red Flags in Your Relationship

Have you ever been sitting around and wondered why your new guy hasn’t called you even though you are on like your 17th date?  If you are on your 17th date and they are not crazy about you, it might make you feel that your partner is distant or that they are being cold.  It might be hard for you to want to work on the relationship or go on with it when you are happy and in love but all of a sudden you feel let down.

In these types of situations, you might need to take the blinders off and realize what is really going on in the relationship.  Here are some things that you should never ignore:


They say that distance makes your heart grow fonder, but if you are feeling that when you are giving your partner space that they aren’t missing you, pay attention.  This doesn’t mean that they are bad, it means that they might have different ideas or needs than you have.


When you are nice and you aren’t clingy and you feel like you are doing everything right, but your partner is always somewhere else, chances are they might have problems with space and with other issues.  They might need to speak with someone professionally about it.


If your partner is always complaining about your family or your friends and doesn’t want you to hang out with them, you might need to see if they are trying to manipulate you.  Some people want to control everything you do and have, and this is a red flag.


You and your partner are not going to always share the same ideas, but what about your values?  If you have a partner that is against the religious or basic values that you have, he may not be right for you.  You need to be able to agree on some things in order for the relationship to be healthy.


When you have a partner that makes you feel bad about yourself and causes your self-esteem to lower, you need to let them go and find someone that sees you as a prize.


When you are in a relationship and you want to make it serious, talk about the future.  If your partner refuses to go there, chances are he is not in the relationship for the long run and is only thinking about short term love.


It is great to have sex and it should be good and rewarding, but if that is the only thing that you have in common, chances are you are not meant to be together.  There has to be more to a relationship than just sex.