Soul Urge Numbers and Desires

Soul Urge Numbers

Your soul urge number is an important number according to numerology. This is the path you will take through your life and how you grow. This is a number that tells what you desire most and what inspires you to do your best. It is a way that you can find out what your life dreams are and what drives you to reach these things.

You can figure out your soul urge number by using the vowels in your full name at birth. Once you know your soul urge number you will see how much it can help you and how it can guide you through your journey. This number can help you to know what direction to take in your life.

Understanding Soul Urge Numbers

Soul urge numbers are part of your numerological chart. They are part of who you are and if you get a numerological reading, this is an important number to help you understand your path and your future.

The soul urge number will show what motivates you to live your best life and what you are drawn to. Once you understand this, you can reach your goals.

Calculating Your Soul Urge Number

This number is part of numerology, and it uses your birth name. Only the vowels of your name are used and each one represents a number from the Pythagorean alphabet. To figure out your soul urge number, you add the value of the vowels out of your name and then reduce them to a single digit and this is your number.

If your name is Tommie, for example, you would add o = 6, I = 9 and e = 5.  This would then be added together 6 + 9 + 5 = 20 and then 2 + 0 = 2.  That is your soul urge number.  Here are what the vowels stand for numerically:

A = 1

E = 5

I = 9

O = 6

U = 3

Once you know your soul urge number then you will be able to understand yourself more. There are soul urge numbers that are Master numbers including 11, 22 and 33.

  • Number 1

This number means to be free and to be an individual. If you have this as your soul urge number, then you are likely someone that is independent and wants to do their own thing. You are able to use your resources to get what you want.

This number often makes good business people, politicians and are good at owning their own business.

  • Number 2

The number 2 can mean that you are able to bring balance and peace in your life. You cooperate well with others, and you work good in a team. You want there to be no drama and you like to help others.

This can be someone that loves to do jobs in social work or law.

  • Number 3

This is a creative number and can mean that you are able to express yourself in different ways like doing art. You love to try new things and you are happy when you are doing something creative.

Most people with this number do best in entertainment or some kind of art.

  • Number 4

This is a stable number and is someone that is responsible and practical. You don’t like chaos and you are someone that is organized and sometimes overly obsessive.

Having this number can make you good at finances or business.

  • Number 5

The soul urge number 5 can mean that you enjoy change and freedom. You want to have adventures and you don’t like to be held in a routine. You want to be independent and explore and you love your family and friends.

This is someone that can be good as a business owner, a designer or artist.

  • Number 6

The number 6 can mean that you have strong family ties and that you are loving and kind. This can be a person that loves to spend time with family and is compassionate towards others.

People with this number do well in education and in social work.

  • Number 7

The number 7 can mean someone that is wise and able to look deep inside themselves. They are reflective and believe that growth is important. They are learning always, and they are good at taking classes.

This can be someone that is good at research or working in a school.

  • Number 8

This number is a successful number and loves to have material things. This can be someone that loves to have wealth and will work hard for it.

A person with this number works well in finances and the stock market.

  • Number 9

The number 9 is a humanitarian number. This is someone that cares deeply for others, and they are aware of the troubles that the world holds. They have joy in helping people that they know and don’t know.

This is a person that would be good working in a non-profit organization or as a social worker.

  • Number 11

This is a master number, and this means that you have a life purpose to help make the world a better place. This is someone that has strong intuition and someone that is in touch with the spiritual world.

These are people that often make great writers or have jobs in creative arts.

  • Number 22

This master number is one that can be a spiritual number and it is someone that is successful and has mastered things in their life. Mastering things might motivate you and you are probably someone that wants to achieve great things.

You would be great as a person that works in business if this is your number.

  • Number 33

This master number means enlightenment and divinity. It is a number that means the person is awake and that they are on the right spiritual path.

This is someone that is going to want to help others, to give guidance and to care for those that need them in a mental, physical and spiritual way.

People with this number are good at work in medical, caregiving and social work.

Final Thoughts

The soul urge number is very important to help you to understand your life path. If you are not sure what to do or who you are, figure out your soul urge number and see if it fits with the desires that you have. You might be surprised what it says about you.

You will need to listen to your inner voice and to discover who you are along your path so that you can live the best life that you can.