They Cheated Once, Will They Again?

They Cheated

Are you with someone that has cheated on you in a relationship and now you wonder if they are going to do it again? There are so many different reasons why people think that its okay to be unfaithful in their relationships and it is important to find out why it happened the first time to figure out if it will happen again.


One of the biggest reasons that people see other people is called “piggy-backing.” This means that you aren’t happy with the relationship that you are in but you are afraid of being alone and so you will cheat and find a new partner while keeping your other partner.

When you are in a relationship like this with someone, the woman might decide that she wants to become one with you but as long as the relationship stays exciting, chances are she will stay faithful to just you.

Why Men Cheat

Men that cheat will do it more for sex than for any other reason. They might get sex in their other relationship but maybe it isn’t what they feel is satisfying them. Sometimes though, these people will fall in love with the person that they are cheating with.

What Happens When Men and Women Cheat?

There are men who will normally either leave their relationship that they are in, or they will stay because they feel obligated to their family. There are other people that still love their partner even if they are cheating on them and they will keep both relationships. Other men will leave their relationship and will become one with their new partner.

Will They Keep Cheating?

Just because a relationship starts where one of the partners cheated, it doesn’t mean that they will keep doing it. This has to do with why they are being unfaithful and how the relationship kept on after the cheating happened. Remember, there are some people that will cheat because they feel that they don’t have a loving partner at home.

What Kind of Partners Do you Choose?

A person that has a pattern of being with people that are emotionally unavailable might feel the desire to explore and to find out what issues they have in their own life that keeps sending them to people that are cheaters.

Final Thoughts

The only real way that you can stop a cheater from cheating again is to make sure that the root of the problem is solved. Find out why there is cheating in the first place and how to come to a place of understanding.

There are people that will cheat over and over again but there are also people that will stay in monogamous relationships and learn to do better and to stop cheating. It can be deeper things that cause there to be infidelity and it is important to find out exactly what these issues are.

If you want to find someone that can give you advice on this situation, talk to a counselor or find a love psychic that can guide you and help you through this hard situation.


  1. This article provides insightful analysis into the complexities of infidelity. The concept of ‘piggy-backing’ is particularly enlightening, as it highlights a common yet often overlooked dynamic in relationships. The delineation between why men and women cheat also offers a nuanced perspective that can aid individuals in understanding their own situations better. I appreciate the emphasis on seeking professional guidance, as it underscores the importance of addressing deeper issues rather than just the symptoms. Overall, a thought-provoking read.

  2. While the article provides a broad overview of why people might cheat, it’s important to consider individual circumstances. Each relationship is unique, and factors such as emotional fulfillment and communication play significant roles.

  3. Dealing with a partner who has been unfaithful can be devastating. This article rightly points out that understanding the root cause is essential for healing and possibly rebuilding trust.

  4. This article perpetuates outdated stereotypes. Not all men cheat for sex, and not all women cheat because they’re emotionally unfulfilled. Relationships are more complex than this binary nonsense.

  5. The issue of infidelity is indeed multifaceted, as discussed in the article. Seeking professional guidance, either from a counselor or a love psychic, could be beneficial for those grappling with these challenges.

  6. It is noteworthy that the article addresses both male and female perspectives on cheating. Understanding the specific needs and dissatisfactions in a relationship can help in addressing and potentially preventing recurrent infidelity.

  7. The article delves into the multifaceted reasons behind infidelity and provides a comprehensive analysis. It’s intriguing to note the concept of ‘piggy-backing’ as a significant factor for why individuals might stray in relationships. Understanding the psychological and emotional gaps that lead to cheating is crucial for addressing the issue and preventing it from recurring. Consulting a therapist or love psychic might offer the guidance needed to navigate these complex emotions. The article rightly emphasizes that only by solving the underlying problems can one mitigate the risk of repeated infidelity.

  8. The emphasis on solving the underlying issues is pivotal. Whether through counseling or self-reflection, identifying why the infidelity occurred in the first place can pave the way for healthier, more stable relationships in the future.

  9. So, the solution to stopping a cheater is to dig into their emotional psyche and understand why they strayed in the first place? Revolutionary. Maybe next we can expect articles on how to cure betrayal with hugs.

  10. The article highlights various reasons people cheat, each quite complex. It underscores the importance of understanding the root cause behind infidelity before jumping to conclusions about future behavior. A thorough investigation into the motivations is crucial.

  11. While the article touches on a variety of reasons why individuals might cheat and the potential for recurring behavior, it oversimplifies the complex dynamics of human relationships. It’s reductive to claim that men predominantly cheat for sex while inferring women’s motivations are more emotionally driven. This binary perspective neglects the intricacies of personal history, psychological factors, and societal influences that shape behaviors. Moreover, seeking advice from love psychics, as suggested, undermines the importance of professional counseling in addressing deep-seated issues within a relationship. Emotional intelligence, trust-building, and mutual respect are foundational—not quick fixes discerned through psychic readings. Critical evaluation and sincere communication between partners are paramount for resolving such profound relational turmoil.

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