Understanding Different Types of Love Language

Love Language

Everyone expresses their love in a different way and the way that you express your love is called your love language. Once you understand your love language and the other languages of love, it can help you to understand your relationship much easier.

When people are together, but they don’t understand each other’s love language it will be like they are speaking a foreign language. It will be hard to ever communicate the right way because both of you will be speaking a different love language.

Different Kinds of Love Languages

You might wonder what a love language is, the idea behind love language was written by Dr. Gary Chapman who wrote the book called, “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts.”

The five types of love languages that he talked about were:

  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch
  • Acts of Service
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Receiving Gifts

The different love languages help you to be able to tell someone what they mean to you in your own way. Each person has their own way of communicating their love and once you can understand your own and your partners love language then you will be better prepared to meet each other’s needs.

Quality Time

Quality time as a love language means that you are going to give this person every ounce of your attention when you are talking to them. This means that they will make eye contact, listen, and respond when you talk, and they will turn the television off and put the phone down when you want to communicate.

When you give someone your time, this is one creative way to show your love. This can be time that you give your partner to do something fun or romantic together or just spending time together.

This is the idea of giving each other quality time and not the amount of time that you give up for them.

Physical Touch

When a person has physical touch as their love language, they are giving affection physically. This doesn’t just mean sex, but it means things that are intimate like kissing, holding hands, hugging, holding each other, cuddling and more.

Your love language could be kissing your partner and being physically intimate to show your love. This can be more than just saying affirming things but sitting on the couch and spending time together watching television while holding each other.

Someone that has this love language will feel that closeness will make them more connected to their partner. If both people share the same love language, then there will be much passion in the relationship.

Act of Service

Acts of service is a love language that means that you will feel appreciated when someone does nice things for you. This can mean that someone will do a chore for you or do something like pick up the groceries at the store without having to be asked.

Acts of service are not about doing something to get attention, but it is about doing the little things that will make their partner smile. This can be making coffee for them before they go to work or just doing something like picking up the laundry without your partner asking.

Words of Affirmation

One of the biggest and most known love languages are words of affirmation. This is when you express how you feel about your partner by words and by giving them praise.

If your partner has words of affirmation as their love language then they will want to do things like compliment you, write you love letters and will do things to express their love to you.

There are things that your partner might say to you that they want to say so that you can feel loved and appreciated in your relationship.

Receiving Gifts

This love language does not just mean that someone is always giving you something, but it is gift giving that takes time and effort to make it special.

Someone with this love language will give gifts that are simple gestures so that they can prove their love. It might be a card that they made for you or a special sea shell that they found at the beach. This is a gift that will be surprising to their partner to show real affection.

Speaking The Love Language

Do you wonder how you can speak the love language that your partner speaks? There are ways that you can communicate with your partner even if they speak a different love language than you.

How to Use the Love Languages to Make Your Relationship Better

As you all know, feeling love can be different for everyone and there are ways that you can make your relationship better by making your connection with your partner stronger.

Here are some ways that you can improve your relationship through your love language:

Knowing Your Partners Love Language

If you love your partner, you need to try to figure out their love language. By doing this, is shows that you care about them, and you are being selfless and focused on what they need.

Find ways to be creative with your partner and don’t always expect them to be the one to make the move. There should always be both give and take in every relationship.

When you are being selfless, there is going to be love and a strong relationship.

Put Someone Else First

You have to learn to put your partners needs first sometimes. This is one way to show empathy to someone. Empathy can lead to a strong and happy relationship.

If your partner has a different love language than you then you need to learn to understand them and their differences.

Doing this will help you to learn to put someone else first and it can help you to speak their language and to understand where they come from.

Reciprocity and understanding can help you to show more love to your partner and it can strengthen your empathy towards your partner and other people that you love.

Deeper Connections

Romantic partners will feel differently towards each other but if they do not talk and learn to communicate then it will be hard for them to really connect with each other.

Talk about small things and big things and this will help to make your relationship and your intimacy stronger. You can learn more about each other and make your relationship better once you are connecting deeper and this will make you have a more intimate relationship.


You have to learn to not be selfish and to learn to focus on other people’s interests and needs to help you to grow. Once you learn the different love languages then you will see that love is amazing and that it is worth it. Love is something that is worth changing and growing for.

Being in a relationship means that you give and take. It means that sometimes you have to get uncomfortable, and you have to do things outside of the box. Love languages help people to learn and change and to make others feel important. The more important that you make your partner feel the stronger your relationship will be.

Be Creative

Learn to be creative with love languages. Show your love in different ways. Sometimes the smallest things that you can do will case you to have more meaning in your life.

Saying “I love you” to your partner is important but there are ways that you can express this to show your love in different ways and to speak their language.

Love languages can be different, and some people have words of affirmation while others want to have touched or want to get gifts.

Learn your own love language and learn your partners love language so that you can do what it takes to make yourself and your partner happy.


The different kinds of love language are important to learn because it helps you to speak the same language as your partner. Once you do this, your relationship can be full of love and can grow and become deeper.

You will know that your partner is appreciated and that they are feeling love from you and once they learn your love language you can both give and take and put effort and work into the relationship to show each other how much you care.

The love language can make your relationship stronger, and it will help you to grow as a person. The more you focus on others and the needs that they have, the stronger and more mature you will be.

Growing and learning to love your partner deeply can help you to be more devoted to your partner. There is no need to wait but work today to find out what your partners love language is and find a way to speak their language so that you can know each other better than you ever have.