4 Soul Mate Relationships that Will Impact Your Life

Soul Mate Relationships

Soulmates are people that most impact us during a lifetime.  They just get you on every level of your being.  Although people typically think of a soulmate in romantic terms, they can be any part of your soul family including family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, lovers, or adversaries.

When we met people, we have exchanges at the soul level and the vibrations can create unique, profound and challenging ripples.  Some provide sense of instant recognition, ease or even friction.  Many of those souls are sent to us to provide valuable wisdom and magnify our feelings of love.  It doesn’t matter the length of the encounter; each meeting has the capacity to be life altering event.  Remember how that “random stranger” gave you encouragement at the moment you needed it most?  It shifted the trajectory of your day into a more positive experience.  Soulmates act as our mirror helping to reflect the lessons, we most need to see.

Soulmate Types

  1. Soul Friend

This is most type of soulmate connection.  These individuals were selected prior to your birth due to shared harmony, wisdom, emotions and life journey.  Essentially you enter into the world with common interest, values, desires and goals.  Soul Friends help you process the world around you while helping you enjoy your time on Earth a bit more.

  1. Soul Teacher

These individuals were selected by your soul to impart vital lessons to aid in your spiritual growth.  The wisdom you gain from them most frequently comes in the form of challenging situation you must preserve over and come out the other side wiser and stronger.  Soul teachers may be family, friends, acquaintances, former lovers, strangers or challengers.  For example, dealing with a narcissistic sibling can teach you a health form of ego.  The stranger struggling to cross the street can teach you more about compassion and patience.  The abusive ex-girlfriend can teach you more about advocating for your needs or to prioritize self-care.  Typically, friction in these dynamics are rooted in a failure to honor the lesson.  We are only capable of changing our actions and behaviors and no one else’s, no matter how hard we try!

  1. Soul Companion

These individuals are like a soul best friend.  They can be any gender, a friend, or a family member.  Soul Companions experience a soulful harmony, whereas Soul Friend have harmonized ego personas.  This allows Soul Companions to have a more nuances and longer-lasting bond in this lifetime, typically lasting the bulk of each other’s life.  In this dynamic the pair will feel like that have known each other for multiple lifetimes.  There is a powerful and deep understanding for each other and maintain a share “wave length” of thoughts, behaviors, interests and emotions.  This could be due to Soul Companions typically being the same Soul Age as one another.

  1. Soul Twin

These are the romantic bonds we typically associate with the term “soulmate.” When we meet our Soul Twin its like finding a missing piece of ourselves.  There is a sense of familiarity and heighten sense of self-awareness upon meeting.  Soul Twin share complementary and aligned life goals and spiritual interests.  The have an uncanny level of comfort with each other and find one twin’s weakness is the other’s strength.  Again, Soul Age plays a vital part of Soul Twin relationships.  Old Souls are more in-tune with finding their mates since they have a better ability to cultivate a peaceful and joyous love that is rooted in unconditional affection, which demands ample spiritual development.

Ultimately, no one type of soul mate is more important than any other.  Each were gifted to us to heal linger wounds and advance our spiritual growth.

How Soul Mates Enter Our Lives

Soul Mates are enjoyed for either a: Reason, Season or Lifetime.  These distinction matter so you know what to expect from your connection to avoid an unnecessary presumptions or pain.

For a Reason

This happens because you need to meet a need expressed in your life.  This might be for guidance, aid during a rough patch, support, or important conversation.  They can last for only a moment or journey with us throughout our lifetime depending on the relationship type.

For a Season

These people enter our lives momentarily.  They can serve as catalysts to share, grow and learn, or appear during a moment we must overcome a challenge to our vulnerability, beliefs system or help discover a hidden passion.  Once the gift has been given, this individual will leave our life.

For a Lifetime

Typically, these are Twin Soul bonds but can occasionally be Soul Companions.  The lessons Lifetime relationship bestow are so complex they require one’s whole life to master and often involve your soul also offer them a lifelong lesson as well, thus your powerful connection to each other.  In this situation, the strengths of one serve to reinforce the gifts of the other.  The harmony between these Soul Mates are so serene and easy that you will enjoy each other’s company throughout this lifetime together.  These relationships are so rare its like finding a flawless diamond.  Honor this special gift if you find yourself in one of these relationship for you are truly blessed.