Win the Breakup: Tips for Healthy Separations

Win the Breakup: Tips for Healthy Separations

Let’s face it- we don’t always handle breakups the right way. Whether we are doing the heart breaking or are on the receiving end of the dumping, emotions run high, and we don’t always behave how we think we’re going to. We might want revenge, or to see the other person fail; however, it’s better to remember that your own success is the best revenge.

No matter how many times it happens, breakups are hard to deal with. Here are a few tips to ‘win’ the breakup by becoming, happier, healthier, and better adjusted for your next romantic adventure.

Win the Breakup, Part One: Allow Happiness

All too often we don’t give ourselves permission to be happy. We think that we have to take care of others, especially in a romantic relationship, often to the detriment of ourselves and our own personalities.

By allowing yourself to be happy, you open yourself up to a greater understanding of yourself and what you bring to a relationship. After a breakup, take time to meditate, reconnect with friends and family, and regain the joy in the people, places, and activities around you.

Win the Breakup, Part Two: Minimize Jealousy

In the modern age of social media and technology, it can be difficult to entirely avoid any mention or reminder of your former significant other. It can be easy to get jealous of your ex when they move on to a new relationship but remember that it isn’t a race. Love will find you when you are ready for it again.

Win the Breakup, Part Three: Let It Go

Don’t try too hard; live your life. We all know when someone is pretending, so don’t pretend to be fine or ok if you aren’t. Life will keep going on, and you have time to be ok as time goes on.

Use this time and freedom to make yourself better for you, make personal decisions that are healthy and not just because it makes you look good on social media

Win the Breakup, Part Four: Lighten Your Load

Every relationship has a certain amount of baggage that comes along with it. When a relationship ends, one person tends to feel like they are left with the majority of the baggage from that relationship. When you realize that you are no longer held back by the baggage of a bad relationship, you have the power to lighten your load and re-energize your life in a myriad of ways.

When all is said and done, there’s no real ‘winner’ in a breakup. The person who learns the most from the lessons of that particular relationship is going to be happier, healthier, and more powerful moving forward.

The happier you are with yourself, the better able you are to choose a suitable romantic partner in the future. Be kind to yourself, find out who you are and learn to live your life new, even after a breakup.

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