6 Sea Born Spirit Animals That Touch Your Life

sea turtles

The ocean is a source of great majesty and gazing into its depths can inspire a person with solace. As you paddle at the seafront, you are often overwhelmed with peace as the waves lap at your feet, and in many cases, this is caused by the presence of spirit animals.

Water both symbolizes and creates life, and therefore can be considered as an emblem of purity which goes beyond the sea and extends to the emotional world. Encountering a seaborne spirit animal is highly representative of your current emotional state. If a sea animal is your totem, it may well be the case that these spirit animals have a great deal to say regarding your journey in life.

Here are six marine-based spirit animals that you should know more about:

  1. Sea turtles

Sea turtles are almost as old as the world itself. While marine-based, these creatures nevertheless lay their eggs on beaches like other reptiles. True to their nature, a sea turtle can represent the need for withdrawal and protection from the stresses of everyday life and they can also remind you to go with the flow in life, placing your trust in the higher guides to take you where you need to go.

2. Crabs

The crab is among the most advanced crustaceans and a creature that is exceptionally skilled at protecting itself. Because of this, the crab is able to travel about without cause for anxiety. Having the crab as your spirit animal means that you are able to protect your own boundaries as you navigate through your own life. You are not an easy target, so you have every reason to be confident in your skills.

3. Manatees

These graceful marine animals are among the calmest creatures in the ocean. This goes for you, too, if the manatee is your spirit animal, and its sightings should encourage you to slow down, take a breather, and progress through life with courage and grace.

4. Whales

These colossal sea creatures have sophisticated communicational abilities and are able to navigate large stretches of the ocean with ease. If your spirit animal is the whale, you share these sensibilities in a way that allows you to bear the weight of life’s struggles with ease. The sighting of a whale means that soon, you are going to have to take time to come up for air. Because songs are particularly important for the whale, this spirit animal should also encourage you to get back in touch with your creativity.

5. Dolphins

Dolphins are said to be comparable to humans in terms of their intelligence. They are mutually caring creatures that look after their own kind. They also know how to have fun and are among the only seaborne animals that are recorded to have fun most of their day. If the dolphin is your spirit animal, you should consider finding that same balance in your own life between work and fun.

6. Sharks

The shark is a diverse creature, but ordinarily, this animal is a reminder to carry on to wherever you’re going. Sharks, of course, never stop moving and this should be an inspiration to you if this is your spirit animal. They are also excellent hunters, so you should take a leaf out of their book and chase after your dreams like these majestic predators of the sea.