Lose Weight With Help from the Stars

Lose Weight With Help From the Stars

And no, we’re not talking about famous stars! As it turns out, astrology might be what you are missing in your quest to lose weight. Losing weight is a struggle many of us face during different points in our life, and it can be an ongoing challenge to get to a weight you feel comfortable in.

Astrology can be another tool in your weight loss toolbox. Not only can it help you time when you’ll lose weight the most effectively but can also show you when you’re most likely to gain weight. Knowing your body’s weight rhythm can allow you to prepare for these fluctuations before they happen.

There are a few astrological factors that can influence your weight loss and weight gain. First, find what your astrological rising sign is, and then take a look at how that information intersects with the events below.

  1. Saturn rising: when Saturn is ascending and it crosses with your sun sign, you can experience a greater instance of weight loss. Sometimes, though, you might feel more tired than usual because of Saturn’s restricting effects on your physical body and mood. If your sign is rising with Saturn, this can be a constructive astrological event for you.
  2. Weight gain often occurs when Jupiter interacts with your rising sign. This can happen approximately every 12 years. If you can track when Jupiter will visit your life, you can plan for an expanded waistline by managing your diet and exercise routine.
  3. Your diet can be influenced by where you live, how old you are, your family’s medical history, and many other factors. You can use all of this information to plan a better diet and exercise routine that benefits your body and uses your strengths to lose weight. Using your astrological chart can be another way to learn about what makes your body happy and healthy.
  4. Certain astrological signs are known for having fewer boundaries when it comes to food. Cancer and Virgo signs easily fall into the trap of being food addicts, and Taurus and Pisces signs can put on weight more easily than other signs do. Keep an eye on Neptune, which can sabotage weight loss efforts for Pisces signs.
  5. If you have Moon or Pluto aspects in your astrological chart, this can be a sign that you eat to suppress anger in your life. This pent-up anger and stress can be buried deep down, and it seems like you aren’t able to make any headway into losing weight, no matter what you try. Transiting Pluto can help you get rid of old, negative feelings, addictions, and bad habits which might be the way of you losing weight.
  6. Plan ahead for weight cycles. We all have periods of time where our weight fluctuates, and by tracking your own personal rhythms you can start to see where changes can be made in your life. Talk to your doctor or a nutritionist who can help you plan a diet and exercise routine that fits your body best.

The stars can be incredibly helpful in your quest to lose weight. Check out your astrological signs to see where you could be losing or gaining weight in line with the movements of the stars and planets. Who knows- you might just learn something about yourself!