What Do You Do If Your Soulmate is Gone?

What Do You Do If Your Soulmate is Gone

We grow up with the idea that our soulmate is out there somewhere. We want to know that there is someone who completes us; someone who is meant to be with us. We put a lot of pressure on the existence of a soulmate, without really considering who they might be.

Our soulmate isn’t necessarily a lover. It could be a friend, a family member, or even a pet. The energy that that person puts out is unique and resonates with you on a level that other people don’t. You feel comfortable with this person, much like you have known each other for years.

There is always someone who is meant for each of us, but our timing in this life isn’t always perfect. Our soulmate may have passed on before we have had the chance to meet them in this life.

Here are a few ways to know if your soulmate is still around, or if they have passed on, ready for you to meet them again in another life:

  1. Do you have difficulty finding love? You may have been in relationships before, but they’ve never been quite right. You’ve gotten along and even been in love, but things just haven’t worked out. A soulmate is meant to be someone with whom you click with innately.
  2. Do your friends love your significant other(s)? Your family and friends know you best. They want what is best for you, but they don’t always know what you’re thinking or feeling. They might love your significant other, but you know in your heart and your gut that they aren’t perfect for you.
  3. You experience feelings of sadness when thinking about love or relationships. We all get down in the dumps about our love lives, but could this be because we know on an unconscious level that our soulmate isn’t here anymore? Although our relationships can be good, they aren’t as good as the one you could have had with your soulmate.
  4. Do you daydream about other people? You might be in a great relationship, but you still fantasize about other people. If you were with your soulmate, you would know that your love is the one that was meant to be. You don’t need the fantasy because you’ve already achieved it.
  5. Do you have doubts? We all experience doubts in love- when we’re with the wrong person. When there is doubt, there is room for error. If the one you’re with isn’t the one, think about who could be your soulmate and where they are in the world.

Life gets in the way, and sometimes our soulmates aren’t who we think they are going to be. Soulmates crop up in the most unexpected of places, and you might have to wait for another chance in another lifetime to meet them.