True Love Exists

True Love Exists

True love is an idea that follows us from childhood onward. We all are conditioned to believe that there is one person out there for each of us, and many of us spend our lives looking for that perfect someone. After a few heartbreaks and disappointment, you might find it hard to believe in true love anymore.

True love is out there, if we are willing to search for it and be open to it. Finding our true love takes humility, compassion, and hope. Some people see the broken relationships above the true love stories, but that doesn’t mean true love doesn’t exist. True love is quiet and gracious, rarely ostentatious or showy.

Here are some examples of true love that are shown in the small, everyday actions of the people who love us.

  1. True love is supportive. You are there to support your partner and be supported by your partner in turn. Relationships are difficult, and there may be periods of time where you don’t feel like you’re in love with your partner. These are the moments where you still need to stand by one another; people shouldn’t waste time supporting people they don’t really love.
  2. True love can’t be put in a box. Love is expressed by different people in a variety of ways; how one person loved you could be very different from how the next person will fall in love with you. Someone people are verbally affectionate, while others show their love for you by their actions. No matter how that love is expressed, you should always know that you are loved.
  3. True love comes from many places. Your parents love you with a deep, undying affection. You might have lifelong friends with whom you share a loving, strong connection. With a romantic partner, true love can be expressed through feelings of comfort, excitement, and joy when you’re together.
  4. Find the true love that exists around you. Talk to your neighbors, your grandparents, and other couples in your life who have shared deep, long-lasting relationships with one another. You can learn a lot about life, love and commitment from these examples of true love. These people have lived long enough to give you an idea of what is true love, and which partners are fleeting.

True love exists, and it’s waiting for you. Can you find examples of true love that already occur in your life?

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