Finding Mr. Right, The Right Way

Finding Mr. Right, The Right Way

Finding Mr. Right is an effort many of us make. We want to find a life partner who we can love, trust, and move through life with. We can date around in an effort to find out who and what we like, but it often seems like these relationships are causing us to get further away from Mr. Right.

There is no real path to finding Mr. Right, but there are things you can do in order to make your search go a bit more smoothly. Make an effort to find a mate that is good for you and has qualities you desire, but don’t pursue a relationship for the sake of just having a relationship.

Some people believe that there is one person we are destined to be with. We are fated to meet this person at a certain point in our life. Others believe it’s a ‘right place, right time’ situation and we meet someone, our lives mesh together, and we make the effort to strengthen that relationship over time.

When it comes to dating, it’s better to have more options to choose from. You can figure out what character traits you like, which ones you don’t, and the kind of person you find yourself attracted to.

Here are a few ways to make sure you are staying open to love and attracting the right kind of guy:

  1. Be yourself. This sounds obvious, and yet how many of us struggle to be totally ourselves in a new relationship? We change to attract a partner, but this can end up backfiring. When you enter into a new relationship, be yourself.

Be the smart, funny, and engaging person you know that you are. By being yourself, you encourage your partner to be open and honest about themselves as well. Don’t be afraid to take yourself seriously, and your partner will take your relationship seriously.

2. Make yourself look and feel good. You shouldn’t have to put on makeup before your partner wakes up or hide the flawed aspects of yourself from them. However, you can take pride in your appearance and how you feel. If you feel confident, sexy, and beautiful, your partner will see these things as well.

3. Don’t waste your time. Some guys are friend material. They add value to your life, but they aren’t going to date you. Lots of men and women are happily single because they haven’t met someone better than their own single lives. If your partner isn’t expending a lot of energy on you and your relationship, he might be taking you for granted.

4. Make room in your life for someone else. We might be missing out on love because we look like we don’t need it. The best way to combat this is to just live your life and do what you enjoy, invest in your friends and family, and be open to love when it does come along.

5. Don’t settle. He should feel privileged to be with you, not obligated to be with you. If he treats you poorly, the relationship won’t last.

6. Get involved in his life. You don’t have to hang out with his friends all the time, or watch them play videogames, or participate in activities that don’t bring you joy. But you can certainly invest in what makes him happy. Take interest in the things that he likes to do, and he’ll appreciate your effort.

7. Don’t worry about type. We all go against type sometimes in an effort to expand our dating horizons. You might find yourself attracted to someone you aren’t usually into but go with the flow. Be yourself and follow your instincts when it comes to other people.

There’s no perfect path to finding Mr. Right, but you can make it a bit easier on yourself. Remember to set yourself up for success by choose partners with the qualities you are looking for in the long-term.