Can Dogs Speak Through Telepathy?

Dogs Speak Through Telepathy

Do you want to communicate with your pet, but you aren’t sure how? Most pet owners might notice that their pet is able to communicate with them even if they aren’t able to speak. But the truth is, a pet can even talk to you through your mind, this is called telepathy.

If you own your own dog, you might feel like your dog knows what you are thinking. They can even tell if you are going out of town or leaving them without even telling them.

Most people just think that this is a coincidence but according to some psychics, animals have perception that is beyond what we know, and they can use their minds to communicate. Dogs have a perception that is beyond what we understand, and a dog can even know when their owner is coming home, sometimes even within 10 minutes of their returning.

On the Phone

Some research has shown that dogs are able to know who is calling. There are people that have a special gift and are able to know before the phone rings that it will ring and who is calling. Because of this, it is thought that pets can do the same thing.

Since phones have changed, it seems that it might prevent a dog from knowing who is calling. But some dogs will bark when the phone rings and some dogs will get excited even before the phone rings, like they know it’s going to happen.

Do you feel like your dog knows who is calling or that the phone is going to ring? Telephone telepathy is something that people want to know more about and even though there is some research on it, it isn’t set in stone to be true.

Investigating Dogs

Not many people have investigated how a dog thinks or if the dog is able to know someone is calling before they call but there are tests that have been done to test the telepathy of dogs. Telepathy means that someone can pick up on the feelings of things and dogs can prove their telepathy in many ways by how they are acting.

Sometimes when you are on the way home you set an intention in your mind and your dog can pick up on this. Once you get into the car and you set your intention, your dog can pick up on this like they are talking to you. The same thing can happen when someone sets an intention to call you and the dog knows that the phone is going to ring.

Pets aren’t normally able to have telepathy with someone that they aren’t close to though and this connection is more than just reading minds. The thing is the owner has to set their intention and then the intention can go to the dog, and they can read it because of the emotional bond that they have with their owner.

Dogs and Science

The problem with finding out if a dog has telepathy is that it is something that can’t be proven by science. Even if we understand so much about a dog, the truth is that we don’t know about their sixth sense or if they even have one.

Based on the research that has been done, we know that dogs are able to communicate but this doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t other factors that cause a dog to act like they understand you.

Telepathy is a way of communicating and people believe that since dogs are members of the family, they can communicate just the same as people can.

Returning Home

It is thought that dogs can know when their owners are coming home before they get there. There are experiments that were done in a book called, “Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals” by Rupert and these experiments help to show what dogs know.

The experiments include monitoring how a dog reacts when the owner is gone and how the dog reacts when the owner is within five minutes of the house. This was done and the other people in the household had no idea when the owner was returning, and they just monitored the normal actions of the dog until the owner came home.

Other experiments showed that the dogs would go to the front door and wait for their owner to come home. The owner was told to set intentions before they would leave, and this showed in the statistics that the dogs really did know.

Other Gifts

Dogs don’t just have telepathy, but they also have other gifts of perception. It is shown in research that dogs seem to know when disasters are going to happen to their owners. No one really knows how these things work and there is no real science behind proving any of this.

China will use animals to help predict when earthquakes are coming. They believe that if people would pay attention to how animals react to things, then they would know when things are going to change.

Final Thoughts

By paying attention to the actions of your animals you might be able to know what is going to happen in life. Some people notice that their animals are acting differently, and they are able to understand what is coming in the future because of their animals behavior.