Using Tarot Cards for Hard Love

Love Triangles Tarot

People will have love connections and there will be times that you will probably, at least once, have to deal with a love triangle. You might have to decide who you love. There can be someone that you care a lot for but someone that you feel that you might love in your life at the same time. No matter what part you play in this love triangle, you are going to have to deal with the hardships of this.

Love triangles can cause there to be emotions that are strong for everyone involved and this can include indecisiveness and hurt. A love triangle can become very dramatic fast and there has to be a solution.

Why Are Love Triangles Tarot Readings Important?

A love triangle tarot reading can help you to make decisions that can get you out of your love triangle. It can look at the personality of the people involved and see if there are hidden messages inside the relationship. It can help you to know if there are any things that are hidden or what the desirable outcome might be for your life and the life of those involved. Here are what some of the cards mean for a love triangle:

  • King and Queen Cards

These are the court cards, and they also have knights and pages. These cards mean leaders and they are there to help you focus on your goals. They know what you want, and they are there to help you make good decisions that are rational. If you get this card in a reading, then it can mean that you are in a love triangle and that you are more compatible it one than the other. If you are on the outside of the Queen or King card, then you need to get out of the situation as soon as possible. Notice what options you have before you make decisions. These cards can mean that you need to grow and heal.

  • The Knight Card

This card can mean that you are determined and driven, and you like to reach your goals. They can mean that you are confused emotionally about a dream that you have had. This can come with emotional confusion as well. This can also mean that they won’t stay around, and you need to make sure that you are moving in the right direction.

Now can be the best time to let others change their way of thinking and for you to be aware of your own distractions.

  • The Page Card

The Page card can be one that is childish. It can mean that you aren’t good at your responsibilities, and you aren’t a good leader. This can mean that you are willing to take on a parental guide though and to guide the person that you like to their spiritual growth.

If you find this card, you need to make sure that you are in strong mental health because you are still growing and learning and you need to make sure you are meditating along the way.

  • Five of Wands Card

This card can represent a love triangle and it shows a battle. When you are dealing with this it can bring tension and it can show disagreements and disunity. This can be more than fighting to reach a goal, but it can also mean that you are warned to really look at the situation.

This can be a conflicting situation and you need to take yourself away from it slowly so that you can get out of the triangle.

  • Two of Swords Card

This card can mean that someone doesn’t know what they are doing. It predicts that there will be challenges. Even if both of the options are good, you have to see if there are problems and solutions in the relationship. This card can show that there isn’t enough information to make a real decision.

The only way to really decide when you get this card is to consider the whole situation and to follow your intuition. If the card comes on someone else, then they probably won’t make a decision.

  • The Devil Card

This card can mean betrayal and lies. It can mean that you are in a love triangle, and you can’t trust the person. This means dishonesty and you will get hurt in this situation. You need to make sure that you don’t put your guard down and that you get out of this love triangle.

  • The Death Card

The Death card can show up in a love triangle and this means that something has to die before something else can come to you. End one situation so that you can make another situation better. Put the past behind you and as you end this relationship, even if it is emotional for you, do it so that you can move forward. This card doesn’t always mean something negative and can mean something better is coming.

  • Four of Cups Card

This card is one that can mean a love triangle. This can mean that you have people in your life that you cannot please. You won’t be able to make this person happy no matter how hard you try. If this person is with you then you will never be able to give them what they want, and you need to stop being with this person completely. Wait for your perfect person to come to you.

  • Three of Swords Card

This card can mean that your heart is broken. This can warn you that you will be hurt by others. Stand clear of people that you are in this kind of relationship because you will hurt them, or they will hurt you. This can be a big indication if this card is pulled, and it probably means that you need to heal from past struggles and hurt.

  • Three of Cups Card

The Three of Cups card is one that means that you can be happy, and everyone involved can be as well. There might be no confusion or negativity in the relationship. Everyone can be satisfied, and the outcome can make you feel happy. This can mean a reunion that you will have with someone.

  • The Tower Card

This card can mean that you are going to deal with strife in the relationship. It can mean that this is unstable, and it won’t last. If you get this card, start new and let go of the people that you are going to lose. Rebuild the energy and let the anger and hurt go.

Final Thoughts

A tarot card reading can help you to understand things going on in your life if you are going through a love triangle. This can be hard, and a psychic can help you to understand what is going on and to know what to do next.