The Power of Fire

The Power of Fire

We have a lot to learn from the existence of fire in our lives. Fire is soothing when we’re at home, curled up in front of our fireplace, the smell of burning wood filling us with comfort and memories. If we’re outside, camping alone or with friends, we build a fire to signal the end of the day, to keep warm, and to feed ourselves. Fire keeps us safe and is part of the rituals we have both indoors and outside.

Fire is fascinating to look at. We see different shapes in the flames, and often lose ourselves when we stare into the fire. Fire has no pattern, and yet it seems patterned in its randomness.

Staring into the fire can bring us inner peace, relax us, and bring us to a mental state where we are able to mull over problems we might have in our life. Relaxing by the fire is a sort of meditation, capable of tapping into our subconscious minds and allowing us to creatively problem solve.

Fire brings out our subconscious minds, which can be attuned to the psychic plane. The noise, shape, and makeup of fire taps into our base selves. Fire requires attention in order to be fed and grow. Fire amplifies our psychic senses and taps into our souls, giving us what we need to heal and find peace.

Fire has been used by talented psychics and seers to see the past, the present, and the future. These talented individuals can see images, ideas, and visions in the flames. In the past, these oracles have been integral in foreseeing events and predicting important moments in history. Various cultures have considered fire to be sacred.

You don’t need a roaring fire in order to connect with the power of fire. Even a small candle will do the trick. If you are looking for answers or just a bit of peace in your life, meditate for a few minutes on the flame. Pay attention to the question you have on your mind as well as the movement of the flame.

Fire is an essential element of the universe and can be a powerful addition to your life. If you are curious about the use of fire in meditation and psychic readings, check out our psychic guides for more information. You can learn a lot from these basic universal elements.