Cleaning and Healing Chakras: A Guide

Cleaning and Healing Chakras: A Guide

There are hundreds of actual chakras, but the seven main ones are the focus for most people. These seven are also the most important for healing. The chakras are aligned from the bottom of the spine all the way up to the top of the head. In order these are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. The overall goal with spiritual practices are to find balance. This balance is between body, spirit, health and earth, and grounding with universality. Below, you will find several techniques that can be used to heal or clean each of the chakras.


When it comes to chakra meditation for healing, there are two general directions. The first is to focus on the level of cause because if it is left unaddressed, negative feelings and emotions will persist indefinitely. So, this meditation should assist in focused attention to your self-awareness. Second is a focus on the levels of effects. This eases the effects, or feelings, of isolation and separation. We need to be whole.


N extremely powerful healing tool is affirmations. These are positive statements that strengthen and heal what is damaged inside of each of us. As you work with affirmations, keep them focused on each individual area. A few examples are provided, but can be rewritten to fit your personal needs and beliefs.

  • Root – “I am enough just as I am and filled with humility”
  • Sacral – “I enjoy a passionate life with health, beauty, and strength”
  • Solar Plexus – “I accept that I have strengths and weaknesses, but still fully accept myself”
  • Heart – “Love is the answer and I both give and receive love unconditionally”
  • Throat – “I express myself clearly and honestly with positivity”
  • Third Eye – “I understand the true meaning of the situations in life because I have wisdom”
  • Crown – “I am one with divine energy that completes me”


Massage is commonly used in chakra healing and clearing. Each area is related to a specific chakra, as described below.

  • Root – gluteal muscles, feet and legs
  • Sacral – myofascial release on the hip flexors, iliopsoas muscles for hip tension and opening energy flow
  • Solar Plexus – apply oils to the abdomen in clockwise directions around the navel for awareness of the power center
  • Heart – upper back and gentle traction on the shoulder joint; include the arm and pectoral muscles
  • Throat – use gentle neck traction and neck massage around the base of the head
  • Third Eye – use brow stripping and massage of the jaw area, nasal sinuses, and temples
  • Crown – scalp massage with hair pulls and cervical traction

Color Vibration

Different colors carry different vibrations. These can affect our physical and emotional states. Chakras can be balanced through exposures to particular colors in our environment, clothing, or even food. Colored glasses may also be helpful. Choose the color associated with the unbalanced chakra.


Chakras respond to different sounds and healing frequencies. Solfeggio is one popular version of this, as is isochronic chakra suite and Tibetan singing bowls.

Energy Healers

There are professional energy healers that examine a person’s energy as related to the chakras and locate blockages. After offering an exam, they can provide related treatment immediately or over several sessions.

Chakra Stones

Chakra stones are more commonly known as healing crystals. These have specific colors and vibrations that are related to certain chakras. These are used in meditation and healing practices. A few stones exist that will work to heal many chakras at once. Clear quartz is one such stone.


Yoga is recognized as a way to release stagnant or stuck energy within the body. This is because of the specific movements used. Energy flow is encouraged through breathing and postures.

Essential Oils

Essential oils and massage are often combined to heal each chakra. Specific oils are associated with separate chakras.

  • 1st Chakra – Frankincense, angelica, patchouli, St. John’s wort
  • 2nd Chakra – Clove, orange, neroli, rosemary, juniper
  • 3rd Chakra – Lemon, marjoram, rosemary, yarrow, peppermint
  • 4th Chakra – Melissa, basil, rose, rosewood
  • 5th Chakra – Sage, lemongrass, blue chamomile
  • 6th Chakra – Elemi, clary sage, lavender, spruce
  • 7th Chakra – Sandalwood, geranium, myrrh

These techniques will help you heal or clear blocked chakras are realign yourself for a healthier life and mindset.