Lucid Dreams About Sex and Relationships

Lucid Dreams About Sex

The top reason people want to learn about lucid dreaming, is sex. When you better understand dream control, then you are able to fulfill your fantasies in any form. These dream fantasies are typically just as vivid and tangible then as if it were happening in the waking hours. The only other topic that is just as sought after in lucid dreaming is the ability to fly.

Is Lucid Dreaming about Sex Possible?

Though lucid sex dreams are entirely possible, it can be tough to initiate sex during a dream state. This is because the unconscious mind often has a very different agenda than that of the waking. It may be that you create a perfect person in your mind, but in reality, they have no interest in you. This could lead them to not see you at all in the dream world. Then, at other times, the lucid dream sex may be working, but you get so involved that you wake up. This is especially problematic for those just learning.

Dream figures tend to be unconscious projections of our psyche. This means their mission may not be intimacy, but other dream figures may not show drive or agenda. If you find what truly motivates a dream figure, then more lucid sex dreams are possible. This is done by establishing a shared intimate, not sexual, experience at first.

As a general rule, it is best to establish relationships with everyone in lucid dreaming at first. These are often representations of our inner-selves, which gives them meaning and requires respect. If dream figures are treated as worthless or abused, then there will be consequences. This is because you are basically taking advantage of part of yourself, and this is unhealthy.

Lucid Dream Orgasms

If we make the assumption that you have achieved full intercourse in a lucid dream, then studies show orgasms can be real. This includes increased heart rate and in males, ejaculation. However, at times this is all in the mind, but this does not diminish the feeling for the dreamer.

For many just beginning the practice of lucid dreaming, it can be tough to hold onto lucidity until that moment. This is because as arousal increases, the dreamer often awakens. This can correct itself over time, but it also lends to the importance of exploring the dream world without an initial focus on sex.

Start by learning more about lucid dreaming and stabilizing your dreams. Then as you improve, move onto more physical adventures.

Ethical Issues

Some may wonder if lucid sexual dreams are a form of cheating or a bit unethical if the person in the dream is not someone who has an interest in you. This is a personal decision. It is only dreaming after all, but the emotion and arousal are yours to contend with as you dream.

One area of concern is being attracted to someone in your life and then dreaming about an interaction. This could lead to a stronger attraction during waking hours. This is because lucid dreaming can be as intense as waking physical interactions. This is something to consider before taking part in lucid dreaming.

Just like when we dream in the normal manner, the unconscious can produce some odd scenarios that we do not expect. So, if something goes awry in the dream, do not blame yourself. This is normal and nothing to be concerned about.


Even though many people learn about lucid dreaming only for the sexual aspects, it will only be a small part of what is actually discovered. While it is fine to seek out gratification of a sexual nature in these dreams, try other avenues of lucid dreaming as well. You may enjoy the overall experience of the dreaming state.

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