Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

People that believe in their spirit guides and angels will want to know how to connect with them. There is a process that you can follow that will help you to learn how to connect with your guides and will help you to be able to hear from them and to listen to them.

You can ask your guides to show you signs and you can expect that they will show you things and that they will do things, but you have to remember that they do not work on your time.

It is not up to your guides to show up right when you call on them and they will come when they decide to and when they will make things your greater good.

Your angels are here to protect you and to support you. They will protect you from bad situations and they will come to you so that you can make good decisions and so that you can live the best life that you can.

Your angels and guides will come to you for different purposes and most people believe that they have angels or something that connects with them and keeps them.

When an angel comes into your life, they are not there to stop you from making mistakes. You have to go through challenges and hard things in your life so that you can grow and see things to make your life better.

When you begin to make a mistake, your guides aren’t going to just come to you and to stop you, but they are always there giving you guidance and leading you. You have to remember though that you have free will to make the choices that you want to make in your life.


The first thing that you have to do is to ask your guides to come to you. They will not come if you don’t ask them. They are there to help you and all you have to do is to call to them and ask them to guide you.

You can ask them to come, and they will. They will be by your side and give you direction in our life.

Allow Them

The next thing you have to do is allow your guides to guide you. You have to let go of control and you have to let go of your emotions.

You must allow the Law of the Universe to work through you and believe in the energies that it gives you.

If you want abundance, believe in it, and allow the universe to support you and to give you the desires that you have.

Once you ask and allow your guides to work through you, you will see change.


You have to believe that your guides are there for you to help you and to protect you. You need to trust yourself and your guides, even when things are hard. Trusting yourself and others is hard but if you don’t trust your angels or your guides, you will see that you will not get your desires.

Learn to realize that your guides want to give you the greatest good in your life and you have to ask and believe in them.

Receive It

Once you get something from your guides, receive it and thank them. Your guides will give you signs and messages.

They will give you messages all over the world, you just have to pay attention and know that the messages are there for you. These signs can be everywhere and anywhere. They can be on license plates, in songs, the way that someone talks about you or to you.

The messages will come in different forms and when you get them, you have to know that they are trying to help you and to give you what you want and need in your life.

Learn to ask for it, allow them to help you, believe in them and receive what they are giving you in your life and you will see great things.


  1. The emphasis on trust and letting go of control is compelling. It suggests that personal growth and spiritual connections require an openness to experiences and faith in unseen forces.

  2. It’s interesting to see the notion of asking, allowing, believing, and receiving in a spiritual context. These principles could be applied to many areas of life, encouraging a proactive yet open-minded approach.

  3. This article is a great reminder to trust in the unseen forces around us. I find solace knowing that my spirit guides are there to help me navigate life’s challenges.

  4. Ah yes, because waiting for invisible entities to solve your problems is the best use of one’s time. Perhaps we should all just sit back and let our ‘angels’ handle everything. How convenient.

  5. The concept of spirit guides and angels acting as protective entities is fascinating. The idea of free will intertwined with guidance offers a balanced perspective. It emphasizes personal responsibility while still assuring support.

  6. Connecting with spirit guides is pure nonsense. It’s astonishing how people still cling to these superstitions. We should rely on facts and logic, not mystical beliefs.

    • While I respect your perspective, many find comfort and guidance in these beliefs. It’s more about personal growth and inner peace for them.

    • Cheeto, your cynicism is noted, but sometimes people’s experiences go beyond what can be empirically measured.

  7. I’m skeptical about the existence of spirit guides. However, I believe that believing in such entities might provide psychological comfort and motivation to some.

  8. The article presents a structured method to connect with spiritual guides. The emphasis on patience and recognizing signs as non-immediate responses is a valuable reminder in our instant-gratification culture.

  9. I found this article to be quite informative. It lays out a clear process for those who are interested in connecting with their guides. The emphasis on trust and allowing the process to unfold is particularly insightful.

  10. I appreciate the delineation between guidance and interference. The idea that guides will not prevent us from making mistakes but will instead offer guidance is a mature way to look at spiritual support.

  11. This article provides an insightful guide on connecting with one’s spirit guides and angels. The emphasis on asking for their presence, allowing them to guide us, and believing in their support aligns beautifully with the principles of faith and openness. The concept of receiving signs and messages in diverse forms is particularly fascinating. It’s a reminder that the universe communicates in myriad ways, and we must remain receptive. I genuinely appreciate the thoughtful approach outlined here.

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