Stop Getting Burnout in Life

Stop Getting Burnout in Life

Going through burnout means that you are exhausted in your body and your mind. This can happen at your job and can take the peace and joy out of your job or your relationships. Sometimes when you have to deal with stressful or challenging things such as having to care for a sick family member, it can cause you to get stressed out.

Burnout is not always something that we see right away. Knowing this can help you to learn to identify burnout and can help you to prevent it.

If you want to help someone that you know that is going through burnout, you can do this by understanding it and learning how to spot it.

What is Burnout?

Burnout is a term that is used to describe having stress in a situation. This can be a mental or physical stress, or it can cause you to be tired in your emotions. Burnout can cause stress and tiredness and can make you have a hard time being responsible.

People that have burnout feel that they have nothing else left to give to their job or their relationship and they often end up going to bed and staying there or not wanting to get out of bed or do anything. Some people may even begin to feel that their life is hopeless.

Burnout won’t go away on its own and it can lead to mental and physical problems such as depression, stress, heart problems and other illnesses.

Who Does This Happen To?

Burnout can happen to anyone that has to deal with a lot of stress. When you can see this right away, doctors or other people can see that you are hurting your health.

This can happen in your career or it can happen as a parent or someone that is taking care of someone else. Moms, dads, and other people can all experience burnouts.

Some people that have a Type A personality might experience burnout even stronger.

Signs of Burnout

There are different signs of burnout including:

  • Being tired. If you are exhausted and you feel that you cannot get out of bed or you cannot sleep well, this can be a sign.
  • Isolating yourself. People going through this often isolate and stop seeing friends and family.
  • Some people use escaping fantasies to deal with their problems. Some will pick up addictions such as alcohol or drugs.
  • Being irritable. Some people will get angry or will be hard to deal with. They feel angry over small things that they have always done such as dishes or laundry.
  • Some people get sick such as depressed or other sicknesses because of burnout.

Stages of Burnout

There are different stages of burnout because it doesn’t all happen at once:

  • Drive or Ambition burnout. This happens when someone starts a new job, and the tasks are too hard.
  • Pushing too hard. Being ambitious can make you work harder.
  • Learn to stop neglecting yourself and do things like bath and exercise.
  • Conflict and Displacement. Know that you are pushing yourself too much and acknowledge it. This can start with job problems.
  • Non-work-related needs. You stop meeting your needs and doing what you need to do or wanting to be around friends or family.
  • This happens when you don’t take responsibility for your feelings or you stop helping others or you become lazy or blame others.
  • This means that you stop going out with friends or seeing people you once enjoyed.
  • Behavior changes. This means you might be more aggressive or angry.
  • You detach to your life and you do not let yourself be in control.
  • Inner anxiety. You feel stressed and empty. You are looking for things that will help you cope with your behaviors. This can be negative habits.
  • You have no meaning, and you don’t want to do things. You feel that things are hopeless.
  • Mental collapse. This means you cannot cope with your mental health.

Preventing Burnout

There are different things that you can do to prevent burnout, even though stress is something you cannot completely avoid.

Working Out

Working out is good for your body but it can boost your emotions and your mental state. You don’t have to workout for long to feel better, but you can do short workouts.

Eat Healthy

Start eating a healthy diet and add omega 3 Fatty acids. This can fight depression and stress.

Sleeping Habits

Learn to sleep and sleep well. Develop good sleeping habits and get enough sleep.

Get Help

If you are experiencing hard times, talk to someone. Let them help you. Talk to a friend or a family member or a therapist.  When times are hard, talk to someone.

Helping Friends and Family Members

How can you help someone that is going through burnout?


Take time to listen to what they are going through before you get mad or aggravated at them. Offer your help. Having someone to talk to can help tremendously and can take away stress.

Validate Their Feelings

Know that they have feelings and talk about them. Let them express what they are going through. Let them know what is going on is important to you and that you want to help them to feel better.

Offer Help

Figure out what you can do to help them. See if you can take away some of their stress.

Be Kind

Be kind to people that you see struggling. Help them. If they seem lonely or alone, help them by asking them to lunch or by talking to them.


There are different kinds of stress and when the stress gets too hard, it can be hard for people to not feel tired and exhausted. Some people that have these feelings are going through burnout. By eating healthy, working out and talking to someone, it can take away your stress.

Learn to do things that will get you out of your stress and will help you to not be burnt out. If you are worried about a family member or a friend, talk to them and see what you can do to help them to lighten their problems.

Burnout is something you cannot avoid sometimes because it comes with a hard job and working long hours. But you can do what you can to make your day better.

Go for a walk, talk to a friend, or watch something funny on television. Do self-care things in order to feel better about your life and to avoid some of the pain of burnout.