Decoding Your Natal Charts

Natal Chart

Your natal charts can tell you things about your life such as how you communicate and what aspects of your personality stand out. You can use astrology to help you to move forward and to understand your life.

Natal Chart

Everyone has their own natal chart, and this is how the stars and the moon lined up when you were born. You have to know the dates of your birth chart such as the time and place of your birth and your location. This can help you to know the things that you face and the reasons that you fall into certain situations.

The natal chart won’t change even when the planets do, and it is important that the planets transition and that you understand your natal chart. You can learn more about the natal charts and how they change and even learn how to read them.

What is a Transit Natal Chart

You can learn more about a natal chart and you can see that there is astrological situations all around you. As the dates change, you will be able to understand retrogrades, predictions and more. The natal chart works with everyone.

A person that is a Scorpio and has Aries as the rising sign and Aquarius as a moon will be able to see that the person will have a strong will and will be loyal. They love life and are often impulsive. This is just a hypothetical person, but the personality aspects can be the same for all the ones that fall into that.


The birth chart can tell you the house that something is and what the zodiac sign is. It shows you what is represented such as challenges that will be faced and signs that are seen. The moon will show you how supportive things are. Mercury, for example, is a planet that communicates well. This shows you what your querent is so that you can know what you are learning and how you are adapting.

Jupiter, for example, in Cancer and the 4th house would be someone that is structured. This is someone that realizes the changes in their life and will have the opportunities to change and to be successful even in changes.

A trine is something that has different energies, and it can show the aspect of the life of someone, and this feels like they aren’t even working. If you are a Mars, for example, you probably set goals and go after them. A Mercury can communicate well and if Sag is in the 9th house, they like to learn. They will try to change and transform.


You can look at the natal transits and the positions of the planets and this can help you to make predictions. This means that you can look at the houses, community, groups of people and more. Saturn might be restrictive, and this is because they are creative and so the transit could show you things in your life that are waking up for you.

Saturn also might have changes that are happening fast, and Uranus might be values and security. Some transits will show issues in society, and you can learn to identify with the themes and your personality. You can see the different changes that happen in life and people can see their values and their security based on their charts.

A person with Taurus in the second house is someone that is full of resources. Uranus transiting in the second house might mean that they can get resources and use them. If Saturn is the square, it can mean that you are manifesting things or that you are looking at changing your job.

You will see that Uranus is the sign of Scorpio and this means that as things change then there will be opposition. These are things that work together for change and change can be new and can predict action or feelings.

When Pluto is transformative, it can mean that it is structured. Pluto can transit a person into the 10th house, and this can mean that their career is changing or that they are continuing to grow and evolve.

Natal Charts and Relationships

A natal chart can tell you about your relationship. Scorpio in the 7th house can talk about enemies that you might have or marriages. It can show you that life isn’t always going to be hard, and it can be a way that you get good advice.

Venus is a feminine planet and works with Mars that is masculine. When you work with a lot of energies you can see that astrology will help you to be aware of where they are and how you can grow along the way.