Make Him Fall in Love with You

Make Him Fall in Love

If you want to attract a man that is strong in their will and character, one that is an alpha male, you might realize that this isn’t an easy thing.

Most people have had that guy in their life that is confident and one that is able to get things done. People listen to him even when he just raises an eyebrow. You might be attracted to him to the point that you find him absolutely irresistible.

Who is This Guy?

This is the kind of guy that has flaws just like other guys, but he is one that is strong and confident. He is able to walk into a room and have control over it. He is handsome, tall, and most likely arrogant.

He will be someone that is able to be the boss and will be someone that wants to be in charge of everything. He will attract women to him because he is the kind to take charge and to put effort into life.

This is the kind of guy that will make you feel that you are safe and special, but he will also be one that will be firm with you and will want you to know your place.

Attracting This Kind of Guy

Attracting this kind of guy to you will be hard but you can do it. You will see that there are some steps to be successful in finding this guy and keeping him in your life. Here are some ways to make that happen:

  • Give Him the Control

A strong man normally wants to be in control, and he won’t like it if you ask him out. He wants to be like in the olden times when he is the one that would ask the lady out. He wants to do this because if you are the one that asks him out then he won’t feel manly.

He has an ego that is either good or bad and this means that he might be a little overbearing, or he might be someone that has 1950 morals.

  • Make His Ego Shine

Ego is one of the things that a strong man often has. You can complement him, and this will make him feel better about who he is as it boosts his confidence level.

A man that is strong needs to hear that you like him and that you are ready to build him up at any given time.

  • Be Confident

Men that have a strong partner that is confident will want to spoil their woman. He will want you to know what you want and to be who you are. Don’t fake being confident though because he will know.

  • Look and Feel Great

Feeling confident means that you are going to dress for success. Don’t be someone else but be yourself. Wear clothes that make you feel good about who you are.

  • Talk About What You Know

When you are confident and you are wanting to attract a strong male, the best thing that you can do is to talk about what you know. Don’t try to talk about things that you know nothing about because he will know.

He will like that you are confident and able to speak your mind. Throw in complements along the way and this will win him over.

  • Don’t Be Cocky

There is a difference between confidence and cockiness. Don’t be cocky but be humble and if you are, you will see that he is attracted to this quality as well.

  • Don’t Put Him Down

Putting someone down can be hurtful and it will be seen negatively by a lot of people. Even if you are joking, teasing someone with bad jokes will make them not want to be around you. He will take you too seriously and so if you want to keep him close, don’t tease him.

Show Him What You Need

Confident men want to be confident, and they want to know that you want to be around them. They want to know that not only do you want to be around them but that you need them to help you. Ask them to help you, even if you don’t really need it.

  • Take Care of You

When you like someone you will often give them all of your time. One of the best things that you can do is to make time for yourself. Build yourself up, better yourself and live your best life. He will notice this.

  • Give Him Independence

If you go out with this guy and you want him to take you out a second time, don’t act overly needy or overly interested. Show that you are somewhat interested and don’t keep calling or texting him but wait for him to do that.

What Does He Like?

This is the kind of guy that will be harder to attract and to keep for the long term.  He will be attracted to things that make you a better person such as someone that is confident and someone that is able to think on their own.

If you want to win him over, play the game but don’t overly play it. Be yourself and let him come after you because you are great.

How to Date a Strong Man

The first thing that you have to remember is that you don’t want to be bossy with this kind of man. He won’t ever want to be around you if you’re trying to boss him. The best thing that you can do is to live a good life and let him notice you. Here are some things to try:

  • Be Strong

Some people think that a strong man wants weak woman and that’s not true at all. They don’t want you to boss them and walk all over them, but they want someone that can be in charge when they need to be and someone that can stand on their own two fee.

  • Don’t Let Him Push You Around

Another thing that he will find interesting is someone that can say no. Just because he is a strong man doesn’t mean that he has to boss you and tell you who you are or what you need to do. Let him give you ideas but if you don’t want to do something, tell him no.

  • Don’t Let Him Mistreat You

Some men that are strong are dominating and this isn’t always a bad thing. It becomes a bad thing though if he isn’t treating you right. Never let a man treat you how he wants but make him show you respect.

  • Challenge Him

Just because you are wanting to date a strong man doesn’t mean that he knows everything. Try and challenge him and talk to him about things he might not know about. Of course, don’t embarrass him in front of other people but when you’re alone, don’t let him get bored.

Let Him Show Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities are hard for some people to show. Guys that are strong also need to be able to be vulnerable sometimes and if he can’t be this with you then he will never be able to be with you long term. When he needs to rant or break down, let him.

  • Don’t Make Him Feel Embarrassed

Never embarrass this guy in front of his friends or in front of his coworkers. You can joke with him but if you are teasing him and being rude, he won’t like you.

  • Let it Flow

Don’t question everything that he does. Show him that you are ready to do things that he wants to do. He can be fun when he wants to be and if you let him have fun with you then you will attract him.

  • Tell Him if He Upsets You

If you get upset with him, tell him. Don’t let him say things that are going to hurt your feelings or that are going to make you mad.  If something is bothering you, don’t wait until you are mad or you are done with him, tell him immediately so he can change.

  • Talk About Challenging Things

Bring up things that might seem challenging like news or things that can help you to have a deep discussion with him.

  • Don’t Get Intimidated

Even though he is dominate, don’t let him intimidate you. You are smart and you can talk about whatever he can talk about. Don’t shy away because he won’t find that attractive.

Should You Date a Strong Man?

You might wonder if dating a strong man is in your future. These kinds of men can be fun and exciting to be around, but they can be overbearing and difficult as well. Some people like to be around masculine men and if you are hoping to find one that is manly, find one but don’t let him be overly egotistical and arrogant with you.