Does Their Aura Affect Yours?


Most people know when energies around them are off. Auras are there to help you and the energy of your aura can affect others, just like their aura can affect you.

Everyone has personal energy and the energy around them is their aura. The aura affects your feelings and your emotions, and it can affect how you embrace energies around you. The energy field is affecting yourself and those around you.

How Energies Work

Auras are there to help you and they go out past your body. They are like a bubble that is around you and they work with your aura to attract all the energy. When it is good energy, it sticks to your aura and when it is bad energy, it also sticks to your aura.

The aura can help you to understand your emotions and when good energy is stuck to your aura, you will feel positive and healthy. Your aura field can also affect those around you.

People that are stronger and that are happy often have better auras. Their aura might be wider than yours and this means that they are able to fight off negative emotions.

The energies of your aura area are always there. When there are other people around you though, their energy can exchange with yours making you have different emotions. The aura energy can leave you feeling excited or drained.

Emotions and the Physical Body

As energy is exchanged, you will see that your emotions can change. The information that your aura sends to your body can cause your emotions and your physical body to respond.

If your aura is yellow, it can mean that your energy is strong and bright but if you feel that your body is cramping or that you are strongly emotional then chances are that your aura is not going to be yellow or bright.

Energy Vibration

The weird vibes that you get from different people when you are around them is more than just a vibe. These feelings can be your aura and their aura exchanging energy.

The vibrations that you have can come from your aura and when your energy is low or when you are feeling bad, tapping into that energy is going to cause you to have a blockage.

Surround Yourself with Positive Energies

Hanging out with people that make you feel good will cause your aura to be stronger. This will make your aura turn yellow or green because it will be a bright aura. The better energy you have, the brighter the colors of your aura will be.

If you are around people that are negative, you will have a darker energy and your aura will not shine as bright as you want it to. This will affect your physical body as well.

Don’t be around people that are constantly negative. This will cause your aura to pick up this negative energy. Even though this sounds easy, it isn’t. Remember that the decisions that you make will affect your emotions and will affect your aura.

If you have strong emotions and you pick up the emotions of others easily, chances are that you are an empath. This can cause you to have more emotions than someone that doesn’t have this gift.

Healing Your Auric Field

The best thing that you can do is to make sure that your aura is strong and healthy. You can do this by making sure that your energy is balanced. There are things that you can do to make this happen such as celebrating yourself, taking a salt bath or doing what it takes to restore your energy balance.

One great way to cleanse your aura is to meditate. While you are meditating, try chanting or using reiki. This can help to balance your energy and to keep you strong. Once your energy is feeling better, you need to let go of the negative energy around you.

It is time for you to get your energy moving and make sure that your energy is strong. Make this a new day and have a better look at life.