Understanding Psychic Connections

Psychic Connections

There are some places that a psychic might connect with you and when this happens this is sometimes called a soul place. These are places that you will come upon that you will have a spiritual connection with. These are often stronger once you have gone through your enlightenment.

Have you ever had a moment that you felt that your soul was connected to a certain place? Maybe you are connected to a hospital or to a school. Maybe there is a place in nature that you love to go, and you feel a total connection there.

No matter what the place is, you need to check out the emotions and the feelings that this place is giving you and your psychic can help you to understand that. This place is important to you for a reason and the faster you find out why, the more you can understand it.

Other Objects

There are objects besides places that you might feel connected to. Some people will feel a strong emotional connection to jewelry or to items. This can also be part of your soul place. This happens when the jewelry has been somewhere that causes you to feel connected.

Your psychic can look at the object and can feel it and hold it and find out why you are connected to it and what energy it has. Sometimes this is a connection to your past life.

Soul Place

A soul place is a place that you feel drawn to. This is a place that might make you feel that you are at home. You can go out into nature, as mentioned above, and you might feel that this is more of your home than your very own home is.

The connection can be to other things such as an ocean, a castle, a certain city, or town or even your very own family dwellings.

Here are some ways that your psychic can show you that you have a soul place:

You Feel Inspired

When you feel inspired where you are, you might have a soul place. This can be a place that you like to write or sing or even create something. The emotions that are tied to this are part of your connection.

Feelings of Similarity

You might go somewhere, and you find peace and rest. This can be a place that you feel that you have been before. You feel that you have seen the same sights and heard the same sounds or even smelled the same scents. This is a place that you will feel comfortable at.


There will be peace in your soul place. When you feel protected and you feel that you are alive, this can be where you belong. Your psychic can read your energy and see if this is a place that makes you feel relaxed.


Another thing that your psychic can help you with is your emotions. If you feel emotional over a place, chances are that you have a soul connection with them. This can be a bigger part of your life than you realize.

You Think You’ve Been There

Some people will be at a place and feel an instant connection like they have been there before. This connection can be a drawing to a certain place. This is probably a place that you have visited in your past life.

Final Thoughts

The connections that you have with your soul place can be understood by your psychic. You can talk to a psychic and get a past life reading and find out how the soul connection works for you.