Emotional Healing from Guilt

Emotional Healing from Guilt

Everyone faces something inside of themselves and the negativity that you feel can come when you feel that you don’t deserve to have good things happen to you. This feeling can come with guilt and when guilt comes up, you will have to learn how to work through this.

Everyone does things wrong sometimes and when your conscious works, it will cause you to feel bad and to suffer. There are times though when your feelings of guilt go to extremes. You think that you are so bad, or you think that nothing you do will ever change and this can make you feel that you are unworthy of good things. How can you learn to deal with guilt? How do you heal and learn to work through these things?

Why People Feel Guilty

People often feel guilty about the same things and even just sleeping in too late can cause some people to feel guilty. There are different reasons that people feel guilty. Here are some reasons:

  • Eating

Some people are sensitive wit comes to eating and when you give in to the foods that you crave, especially if you are dieting, this can cause you to feel guilty. If you have problems controlling your eating or eating healthy, you might feel guilty about giving into these things.

  • Giving Time to Loved Ones

We want to connect and bond with people that we love and when we don’t give people that we love time, we often feel guilty about it.

  • Being Rude or Hateful

Being rude or hateful can make you feel guilty even if you didn’t mean it.

  • Gossiping

You will talk to people everyday in your life and sometimes people gossip. This can feel exciting at first but then later when you think about it you might feel guilty for it.

  • Not Working Harder

Some people feel guilty when they don’t feel that they work hard enough or when they don’t feel that they are doing enough. Maybe you didn’t get the house totally cleansed or you didn’t work and then you decided to rest, this can make you feel guilty.

  • Saying No

It can be hard for some people to say no to others. Saying no can actually make you feel guilty and make you feel bad for disappointing someone.

  • Bad Morals

Bad morals can cause you to feel guilty such as stealing, cheating, or doing other bad morals.

  • Not Taking Care of Self

It is easy to get burnt out when you are always busy and always caring about other people. You might see that you are worn down and this can end up causing you to feel guilty for not taking care of yourself. This can be in the form of missing out on pleasures or missing out on exercise or something else.

  • Letting Go of Guilt

People that are walking around with guilt will feel that they are not good and that they are unworthy of things in their life. These are people that are normally full of resentment, and this can come from past hurts.

Even if no one knows that you feel guilty, or if no one knows the pain that you have faced in your past, it can take your joy away. There are ways that you can let go of this guilt. Here is how:

  • Talk About What Makes You Feel Guilty

Find someone that you can talk to that you can tell why you feel guilty. This can be a counselor or someone that you trust. Be open and vulnerable about what you are feeling and what is making you feel bad. If you have made mistakes, admit them, and talk about your behaviors that have caused you this guilt.

  • Know Your Limits

Everyone makes mistakes in their life, and no one is perfect. You have to accept that you aren’t going to be perfect and that you will hurt others in your life. Life has regrets and you won’t always be the perfect person, the perfect friend, the perfect family member, the perfect employee or the perfect anything. Accept that you are human.

  • Take Action of Your Mistakes

Look at the mistakes that you have made and take action to resolve them. You need to forgive yourself and others and you might need to ask for forgiveness so that you can begin to heal.

  • Let the Guilt Go

The hardest thing to do in your life sometimes is to forgive yourself. You have to get to the point where you can forgive yourself and where you can let go of the guilt that you carry. Don’t let guilt control you. You don’t have to prove to people that you have learned from your mistakes but let go of the feelings of condemnation. Forgiveness is a process, and you can make the decision to stop hating yourself. Make it a goal and a priority to love yourself and to forgive yourself for past mistakes.

Once you learn to forgive yourself, you can be free from the mental stress that guilt brings. Guilt can cause mental, physical, and emotional pain in your life and you need to find a way to heal yourself and to let go of this type of energy.

Focus on energy and emotional healing and let go of things that are holding you back. If you have energy that is blocked in your body, you can try reiki healing which is a healing that can help to release blockages.

The feelings of guilt can build up and it can cause you to have your energy blocked. It can affect your life and it can cause stress to your body which can cause you to have physical issues such as high blood pressure, a heart attack, heart disease and other illnesses.

The negative emotions that you feel can cause you to feel stuck in your life. You have to release these things so that you can bring healing to your body. Figure out where your guilt has come from and release it along with the negative emotions. This can impact your life and it can help you to break free from the guilt that you have experienced.