Stop the Evil Eye from Affecting You

Stop the Evil Eye from Affecting You

Evil eye is something that has been known since historical times. There are many cultures that have their own version of an evil eye, and they use Hamsa’s to help protect them against the eye. 

There is a lot of fear that is surrounded by the evil eye and when you learn to keep yourself safe from this evil eye you will see that you can understand how to do this in the right way.

The Hamsa

The Hamsa is also called the “hand of god.” This is a symbol that was used in ancient times and would help to protect people from the evil eye. If the evil eye is there and it isn’t sent to someone, the Hamsa can block the negativity. You might find the Hamsa hanging in different shops so that the shop can stay safe from theft and other problems.

Using the Hamsa will help to take the evil eye energy and will protect you against the evilness that it shows and gives. You can look at the Hamsa and see if it is being used against you or someone in your life.

Where is the Evil Eye from?

The evil eye is considered a powerful darkness. It is the power that comes from the devil, and it is a single eye. This is seen as something destructive and that is why in mythology, the one eye is a cyclops. This is sometimes called the “Eye of Sauron” and it has bad energy when the eye is looking at you.

There are different cultures that look at the evil eye and even in Celtic traditions the evil eye is called the “evil eye, symbol of ill will and envy.” This is a custom of the Druids that would call on sages to help them get past the evil eye and the energy behind it.

The eye is sometimes seen as something good in other traditions. It can be looked at the power of the divine and a gift of intuition. This represents the solar deities and the deities of fertility that come from the sun. This is a life force energy, and it is meant to protect people.

In ancient Kemet, the evil eye is called the eye of Horus. This is an eye that brings protection and the eye that brings life and protection. In Ancient Greece this sign will show the Sun god Apollo and it will bring healing to others. 

Hinduism has an eye, and it is called the eye of Shiva. It shows a pearl that goes between two brows and the eye is used in different cultures to show symbols that mean that you shouldn’t be fearful.

Using the Evil Eye

There are different ways that the evil eye can be used. It is something that can leave people feeling jealous or make people feel envious of other people. You can send the evil eye to people, and this can be unintentional and negative. When the eye is sent out on purpose, the eye can be like flipping someone off or doing a black magic spell.

What is the Hamsa?

One divine power is the Hamsa. This is the idea behind protection and justice. This is also called the Great Hand of Supreme power and it shows the gods. The hand will be used to block energy and to push it away. You can see this hand in different traditions.

In Buddhist religions, the Hamsa shows protection, and it can symbolize the majesty and it can also show divine wisdom and power.

The right hand shows the hand of power in all cultures. The right hand is the dominate hand and it has power and the left hand is where you get to have the blessings of life. When you use the power with the eye, the Hamsa changes the power, and it becomes a talisman. This is a hand that has clairvoyant and other psychic powers, and this is the center of the eye.

Using the Hamsa for Protection

You can use the Hamsa to protect you against the evil eye and here is how to use it:

  • Mundra Meditation

A mudra is a gesture that you use where you put your fingers in the yin and yang energies, and it will go through the body and will cause different emotions and physical results. Mundra’s are used for things such as getting rid of anxiety, to heal gout and to find love. 

This is also called the Abhaya Mudra and it is a popular protection against the evil eye. This helps to protect you from jealousy and will help to breakthrough emotions and will bring balance to the chakras. 

You can use the mudra meditation by finding a comfortable place to sit and allowing your right hand to go to the shoulder and to not let the fingers pass over it. Face the palm outward and put your left hand on your left thigh and put your palm upward. Focus with your eyes closed and do this while you deep breathe for about 10 minutes. Imagine a white light surrounding you.

  • Printing the Hamsa

You can find a picture of the Hamsa online and you can print this out. This might also be called the Hand of Fatima or a Talismanic hand. Once you have this hand, print it and frame it. You can print a small image, or you can make it large, or you can get it painted for you. 

Put this in your home and let it face a wall by the front door. If you have a space that you share with someone, you can face this by the bedroom, and it will get rid of evil from your home or your bedroom.

You can also print out small pictures of the Hamsa and you can put it in the backpacks of your children, or you can put it under the door mat or in your lunchbox to keep you safe.

  • Banksy

This is when you draw a small picture of the Hamsa, and you can put it on your clothing where no one will see it. This can protect you and it can be powerful and magical. You can also tattoo this on your skin, and you can see that this will be there as a sigil and a powerful statement to keep you safe in every way. This will keep your mind strong and will help you to manifest things that you want in your life.

There are different things that you can do to have the Hamsa close to you and this will protect you against the evil eye. Put it into your wallet, on the collar of your pet, draw an imaginary symbol on the bottom of your pans or put it anywhere. You can add this to anything, and this is called Banksy.

Did Someone Give You The Evil Eye?

You might be fighting against the evil eye, and you might not even know it. If you are someone that is psychic and you are sensitive to the energies around you, here is how you can tell if you have the evil eye directed at you:

  • You feel sleepy for no reason.
  • You are mentally overwhelmed.
  • Anxious.
  • Get angry easily.
  • Violent outrage.
  • Increased arguments.
  • Problems at work.
  • Feeling paranoid.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • No confidence.
  • Issues sleeping.
  • Sleep paralysis.
  • Sleeping issues such as insomnia.
  • Headaches.
  • Rashes.
  • Brusing for no reason.

Getting Rid of the Evil of the Evil Eye

The evil eye can come at a time when you need to be protected. This can cause you to get sick or to have a disease. The evil eye can hurt you, but you can counter it by doing things like taking a salt bath or using essential oils.

There are different spiritual baths that you can take, and you can do these for about 15 minutes, and it can help to get rid of negative energy. Put your head under the water when you bath and then let yourself dry in the air and without a towel.

Before you get in the bathtub, light a white candle, and let it burn until it burns out. Once the wax hardens, put it in your shoes, your car, or your purse. Here are some things that you can add for a spiritual bath:

  • 1 cup of sea salt.
  • A lemon.
  • Rosemary.

Add all these things to your bath and pour water over your head to have a spiritual shower.

Making Your Own Hamsa

If you want to have more protection, you can find out the culture that you and your family share. There are so many traditions that you might find that you have one when it comes to the Hamsa or the evil eye. Find out what your ancestors would do when they had to fight against evil and protect themselves. Do you have a talisman from your ancestral line?

Find inspiration through your research and protect yourself from the evil eye. Knowing the idea behind the evil eye can help you to protect yourself and your family. Know how you can send the evil eye back from where it came from and notice how your energy changes. If you find that you are getting emotional for no reason or you are feeling ill, use the Hamsa to protect yourself against the power of the evil.