Empath Birth Order


Most people understand birth order and they are familiar with the differences between being a first, second or even last-born child. Many do not understand how important the birth order really is.

Your birth order can determine many of your traits and characteristics. For example, first born are often leaders and have strong protective qualities, have no fear and are also more controlling and bossier.

The middle-born children are often social, and they like to keep people happy. The youngest child will often be more creative and will do things by manipulating others to get their way.

Children that live alone or have no siblings often feel that they are more mature, and they are often perfectionists.

First Born as an Empath

Some empaths are only children, or they might be the firstborn in their families. They are often seen as very independent, strong minded, fearless and they are protective.

They feel responsible to make everything for everyone else better. They want to protect their family, friends, loved ones and even strangers. They have the responsibility of taking care of others.

They are understanding that they can help others and they take on their pain and their emotions.

One thing a firstborn might feel is guilty when they do something wrong. They will feel responsible for doing everything right and they will often be obsessed with being perfectionists. They want to take care of everyone, and they have a lot of love.

Firstborn empaths often will take action and will support others. They will look at the mistakes that they make, and they will work through them even though they are hard on themselves.

They are often seen as rebels, and they don’t have much fear. They are loyal to people that they love, and they will support their friends and family members. They will do what they can to help those that they love.

Middle Born as an Empath

A middle-born empath is one that is a peacekeeper. They will make sure that everyone is happy and at peace even if it means giving up their own peace. If there is conflict, they will try to solve it.

Even though the firstborn will try to take care of things, the middle born will try to make everyone happy. They will try to reach the expectations of others and they will never want anyone to feel left out. If there is tension in a relationship, this person will try to solve it.

This empath is able to see things form a different point of view and they will work to find a way to solve the problem for everyone. They will try to compromise everything, but they have to know that not everyone will accept a compromise. They will never be willing to take a side.

The middle-born empath is often sensitive, and they will do whatever makes others happy.

Youngest Born as an Empath

The youngest born empath will be very creative, and they will feel free. They will watch things and they will be light when things are stressful.

They will find happiness and they will not be pressured to do what others want from them. They will not resist when something makes them happy.

They are people that want to be everyone’s best friend and they will sometimes forget about their own talents to please everyone else. They must make sure that they go after what they want in life and that they don’t worry about making everyone else happy but concentrating on their own needs.