Superstitions and Omens that Bring Luck


Superstitions are beliefs that people have based on their cultures or other things and these are things that are not based on facts.

These beliefs are often based on pagan beliefs and old wives tales, and they were told from generation to generations.

Our ancestors were not dumb or ignorant and that is not why they came up with these superstitions, but it happened because they did not have the science to back things up like we do today. Superstitions helped people to feel in control and that is why some people today still believe in these things.

Most superstitions are just something silly and they are fun to go along with but for some people that have mental illnesses, superstitions will affect them in their life.

Bad Luck and Good Luck

One of the biggest bad luck signs is the black cat crossing your path. This can mean that death is coming to you or something bad in your future. But in some cultures, black cats bring good luck.


We have all heard that walking under a ladder can bring bad luck. The Egyptians believed that triangles were a perfect shape and that they were sacred. Walking under a ladder to them meant that you were trying to be defiant against the triangle and this brought bad luck.


When you look at yourself in the mirror, you are looking to see who you are and what you look like. If you look in a broken mirror though it will make you look distorted, and many believe this brings bad luck.


The number 13 can be a sign of bad luck. For Nordic cultures, people that have 13 guests will bring the table down. Some believe that 12 is the perfect number though.

Four Leaf Clovers

The four-leaf clover is considered good luck and it is hard to find. It is meant to symbolize luck, love, hope and faith.

Black Crows

Black crows are birds that are scavengers, and they are known to bring death. A crow that is by itself can mean that problems are about to happen.

Knocking on Wood

Knocking on wood can make something happen that is good for you. But if you are being arrogant then you might be asking evil spirits to come to you when you knock on wood.

Love Luck

Spouses will avoid seeing each other the night before the wedding because according to tradition, the bride and groom need to stay apart or one of them might not show up for the wedding.

Something New and Something Old

Someone that wears something new and old on their wedding day are honoring their heritage. If you borrow something, it can represent love, fidelity and being pure for your wedding.


Catching the bouquet during the wedding ceremony can give good luck to the person that catches it. Single women will try to catch the bouquet so that they can be the next one to get married.


When you count the daisies and say, “he loves me, he loves me not,” this is called plucking the daisies. This is a French game and when you do it the last phrase is the one that is the answer to if you are getting married or not.

Sitting in a Corner

In Russian tradition if you are single and you sit in a corner then you will never get married. This might be because if you sit where people can see you then they can meet you.


Having an itchy hand indicates that you might have money coming your way or it can mean you have dry hands.

Salt Throwing

Salt is something that people can spill, and it can bring luck and if you throw it over your shoulder then it can take out any bad luck.

God Bless You

If someone sneezes and you say, “God bless you,” this is a good thing. People in the Middle Ages would sometimes die from symptoms which included sneezing and people would say this to keep them from dying.

This also can keep evil spirits coming into a person’s body when they sneeze.

Old Brooms

If you bring an old broom into a new home, it can be considered bad luck. You should leave the old broom in the old home.

Using a new broom in a new place can purify your home.

Milk and Rice

In different cultures, people will boil milk and rice to make their new home christened. The milk and rice symbolize wealth and fullness in the home.

Why Are People Superstitious?

There are two different reasons people are superstitious such as experiences that they have had and cultural traditions.

If you grew up around someone that was superstitious, chances are that you will be. Some people feel that things bring luck and others believe that it can bring bad luck.

The behaviors that you do can make you feel less anxious and if you have a mental illness, following superstitions can help you to feel better. Even though you know that things do not really bring you good or bad luck, the belief makes it strong for some people.

Science tells us that people that believe in superstitions are sometimes not connected to their reality, and they choose to let these things control them and they do what it takes to stay safe just in case.

Superstitions and Mental Health

Most people find superstitions to be fun and harmless but if you have problems such as OCD, you might believe stronger in these things. Obsessive thoughts can take over your mind and can cause you to think things differently.

People with mental health issues will often have anxiety disorders that can show up when someone has superstitious thoughts.

When superstitions motivate you to not do certain things, it can mean that you have some kind of mental health issue.

When Does Superstitions Become a Problem?

If living your normal life is hard because you are worried about superstitions, then you might need to get treatment such as cognitive behavior therapy.

People that have these problems often have to take medicines such as sedatives, beta-blockers and more to help with their anxiety. This is often a first-time therapy.


Superstitions are harmless but if you have a mental health issue then you will see that they can impact your life more than you expected.

Magical thinking can cause some people to not be able to touch their reality. If that happens, this kind of person needs to get some kind of professional health to live their best life.