Energy Healing for Beginners

Energy Healing for Beginners

The world is a highly stressful place, especially right now. Energy healing can help alleviate some of this stress on a personal level. Perhaps this is a new idea for you or one you have only heard of in passing. Learning about energy healing and how it can help your spiritual health can create a sense of well-being that may benefit you and those closest to you.

Energy Healing Explained

Energy healing is an ancient technique of metaphysical healing that is used to rebalance a person’s emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. The roots of this technique are traced back to ancient Japan, China, and even India, but also draws on the beliefs of the indigenous tribes of North America.

When blockages are removed, energy flow improves. The quality of life and activity level increases both spiritually and physically. Some energy healing can be accomplished at home, while others need a practitioner with experience to receive benefits.

Some of the forms of energy healing are described below:

  • Qigong

Qigong is a low-impact exercise that creates better energy flow through the body. Much like tai-chi or even yoga, qigong is about slow, deliberate movements that are meant to promote heathy energy flow and cause blockages to be released.

This is a traditional Chinese medicine form that is thought to help you see your purpose in a clearer manner. Even Harvard has endorsed this exercise as a way to develop stability, balance, and release muscle tension.

  • Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the most known ancient healing practices that is also widely accepted by the medical community. This requires the placement of small needles along the 12 meridians as described in Chinese medicine.

Studies have found that acupuncture has successfully relieved physical pain and nausea while stimulating the nervous system. A professional is required for this treatment.

  • Reflexology

Also derived from ancient Chinese medicine, reflexology focuses on primarily on the ears, feet, and hands. It is believed by massaging specific pressure points that blockages can be broken up and energy flows better to restore internal balance to a person.

  • Chakra Healing

Drawn from ancient Indian and Hindu beliefs, chakra healing is believed to help align your chakras from the base of the spine to the top of the head. This keeps your body, spirit, and mind in balance because if one gets blocked both mental and physical issues can arise.

This realignment process may include breathing techniques, meditation, and the incorporation of symbols into your physical life to remove blocks.

  • Reiki

The ancient Japanese are responsible for reiki. This involves another person laying their hands on you or just above you to help energy movement and remove stagnant energy from the body.

It is best for alleviating emotional pain and spiritual blocks which will then release stress and tension in the body.

  • Water Healing

Water healing or cleansing is simple and easy. Water not only cleanses the physical of dirt and grime, but the spiritual of melancholy and lethargy. So, go for a swim in the ocean, river, or just take a warm bath.

  • Water Ritual

Clearing away any form of negative energy can be as easy as drawing yourself a warm bath and adding a bit of your favorite scent or scented Epsom salt and then soaking. Add some relaxing music and focus on your area with the most tension.

Take a deep breath and hold it for ten seconds, slowly exhaling through the mouth. If this release brings tears, let them fall, releasing the energy blockages quickly and easily.

Maintaining Balance

Creating small rituals for yourself can aid in maintaining necessary balance as well as letting go of negative stress. This is important for our overall well-being in life.

Even the smallest of things like eating a balanced diet of healthy, natural foods, using meditation, surrounding yourself with uplifting people and keeping a journal are forms of energy healing. With a bit of homework and some expert advice, you can find balance and calmness for yourself.


  1. The article provides an interesting overview of various forms of energy healing. It’s intriguing how these ancient practices have persisted and still find relevance today.

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  3. The concept of energy healing is quite fascinating, especially considering its historical roots across different cultures. The idea of removing blockages to improve energy flow resonates with many holistic health philosophies.

    • Absolutely, Highbeam. It’s noteworthy how these ancient practices are gaining recognition in modern medicine, as seen with acupuncture’s acceptance by the medical community.

  4. This article provides a comprehensive overview of various energy healing techniques that are grounded in centuries-old traditions. It’s refreshing to see how these practices, despite their ancient origins, continue to offer significant benefits in our modern, stress-laden world. The inclusion of scientific endorsements, such as Harvard’s support for qigong, adds credibility and makes the information even more compelling. I am inspired to explore some of these methods further. Thank you for such a well-articulated and informative piece!

  5. The emphasis on maintaining balance through small rituals and lifestyle choices is a practical takeaway. Incorporating these habits can potentially enhance one’s quality of life significantly.

  6. Another article pushing pseudoscientific practices! Let’s rely on evidence-based medicine rather than ancient techniques that lack rigorous scientific proof. Acupuncture might have some merit, but the rest of these so-called ‘energy healings’ seem dubious at best.

  7. I find it intriguing that Harvard endorses Qigong. However, I can’t help but question the efficacy of techniques like Reiki and Water Healing, which seem to be more placebo than practice. Can we really equate a warm bath with medical treatment?

  8. I appreciate the variety of methods discussed, from Qigong and acupuncture to chakra healing and water rituals. Each practice seems to offer a unique approach to achieving balance and well-being.

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