Seven Things You Feel When You Fall for Mr. Right

Seven Things You Feel When You Fall for Mr. Right

You may think you already know everything there is to know about relationships and love, but when you fall in love with the ideal person for you, you’ll suddenly realize you didn’t. And, the amazing thing is, love won’t be the only thing you’ll feel. You’ll experience a whole array of other positive sensations and emotions. It’s among the most awesome feelings possible.

Women often fall in love, and let’s be honest here, lust with the wrong guy, or two or more, before they finally meet their “Mr. Right.” When you ultimately meet the guy who’s your perfect fit, you’ll soon come to realize that he was definitely worth waiting for. Here are seven sweet things you can anticipate experiencing when you’re falling in love with your Mr. Right.

1. You’ll feel optimistic.

More than anything else ever could, falling in love with the ideal partner for you makes you feel expectant and optimistic regarding the future. It’s a uniquely distinct sense of contentment and joy you can only feel when you’re in love with your special someone. Enjoy it! It’s among the best things in the world to feel.

In relationships before my fiancé and I met, I’d immediately start trying to figure out how to get out of a relationship as soon as I got into it. I liked dating, but the pressure of commitments made me feel nothing but dread for the future, so I wanted to escape as quickly as I could. But now I feel hopeful and excited about what the future holds because I know my soon-to-be husband and I were truly meant for each other.

2. You’ll feel surprised.

When you fall in love with the ideal person for you, you’ll feel as though you never saw it coming. You’ll be surprised by the fact that not only does somebody who’s so perfect for you exist, but he loves you as much as you love him.

When I first met the man who’s now my fiancé, the main feeling I remember was that I felt amazed. It sounds strange, but I truly had a hard time believing that he existed. I’d spent so much time feeling uncertain about being in a relationship, let alone a marriage, that I didn’t believe that true love existed. I certainly didn’t think I’d ever have such strong feelings for another person.

3. You’ll feel safe.

When your partner is the ideal one for you, you’ll feel safer than you’ve ever felt before. Though the state of our emotional well-being is up to us, you’ll never know what it means to feel truly safe with somebody else until you meet Mr. Right.

For me, in the past, most of the time I’d hide how I was feeling from my partner out of fear that he’d judge me or ridicule me. It didn’t matter if it was a major letdown, such as when my sister moved away, or less significant, such as PMS moodiness. If I was feeling something, I’d keep it bottled up. With my Mr. Right, I naturally do the opposite. I’m comfortable sharing everything with him!

4. You’ll constantly be joyful.

This may sound obvious, but it’s still helpful to keep in mind. Notice what you feel while you’re falling in love. If you’re experiencing an underlying sense of joy no matter what other circumstances surrounding you, you can have confidence that he’s the ideal one for you.

In prior relationships, I was familiar with how it felt to be momentarily happy or excited. But I wasn’t familiar with what it was like to feel joyful and content all the time. The type of happiness I feel now isn’t based on the state of affairs in the world (thank goodness!). Instead, it’s an abiding joy that’s rooted in the knowledge that I’ve found the ideal partner for me, and we’ll be together for the rest of our lives.

5. You’ll feel mature.

When you fall in love with your Mr. Right, you feel it in the way you’re able to open up to him and respond to him. You’ll discover a sense of maturity that you never had before.

I never was enthusiastic about commitment, so I also wasn’t too interested in trying to make things work out in romantic relationships. It’s hard to admit that I was pretty self-absorbed, but I was. I used to stall, get distracted in serious discussions, not listen closely, and generally do whatever I could to escape. But now, I love to engage in conversation with my husband. I’m present and patient, and I feel more capable than I ever did before of developing into a sensible and reliable adult.

6. You’ll feel important.

Your ideal partner will continually make it clear to you how special you are to him, and how easy it was for him to fall head-over-heels for you.

My fiancé makes me feel like I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t communicate to me that he values me, and I mean so much to him. Whether it’s reminding me of using his words or by expressing his love through kind and helpful actions, he takes advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to let me know how he feels about me.

7. You’ll feel truly free.

In a relationship with the ideal partner, his love will lift you and help you experience life to the fullest. Some people may view romantic relationships as limiting and confining, as though getting involved in a serious one means bidding farewell to their independence. But this view is rooted in getting stuck in all the wrong relationships.

I don’t feel at all constrained with my fiancé. In fact, I feel freer than I ever felt before. I know my fiancé will always be on my side, so I can experience the world however I want to. Knowing he will always be there for me, no matter what I want to be, do, or see, is both comforting and liberating.

You can find this kind of relationship too once you find Mr. Right. Wait for him and see where true love takes you!


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