Escaping Abusive Relationships

Escaping Abusive Relationships

If you have people in your life that are in abusive relationships, help them to break away.  Domestic violence is dangerous and can be harmful to their physical and mental life.

It is possible to survive after being in an abusive relationship.  You can have hope that can empower you to move on and to be strong.

Acknowledge the Abuse

People that are victims of abuse often times don’t acknowledge it.  If they aren’t being physically abused, then they are intimidated by the word abuse.  They might experience being yelled at, talked down to and threatened and this is a form of abuse.  If you are in this type of relationship, ask yourself if this seems like a good relationship and if you feel that you are being treated right.

Many women will stay with men that are abusing them because they are afraid to move on.

Get Help

There are many places that have resources to help victims of abuse.  You are not alone and there are people you can talk to.  Reach out to your friends and family and tell them what is going on.  Don’t let your abuser keep you in a trap.

Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) and ask them to refer you to some place in your area.  If you have kids, they can help you and them get a shelter home.  They will not judge you or look down upon you.


If you are reaching out to someone for help, make sure you are using a computer that your abuser does not use.  They can access your information and the websites you have been on.  Always take precautions to stay safe.

Go to the library or find another place to use the computer.

Address the Relationship

Never ignore that you are being abused.  Do not cover up the relationship and confuse it with what you think love is or that it is your fault.

People in abusive relationships sometimes have low self-esteem but know this isn’t your fault.

When you stay in these types of relationships, you become depressed and scared.  You will be tired, and you will have mood swings and feel trapped and hopeless.


Are you addicted to being in love or are you addicted to the thought of being alone?  Do you feel that love and pain should go together?  When you are alone, you sometimes attract people in your life that are unhealthy and are abusive.  Being in an abusive relationship can be comforting if you grew up in that type of situation.

Explore the pattern in your life that leads you to these types of relationships and change it.  Don’t repeat it.  Break away from these relationships while you can and move on.  Take time to heal after you leave the relationship.  If you have children, let them heal to.  It is normal to be angry at the abuser after leaving.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and you can’t leave.  You care about them, but you have to do what is best for you.  Talk to a professional and get help.  Start to rebuild your life.