Favorite Psychic Abilities and What They Look Like

Favorite Psychic Characters

Most people get something on their mind and do not get the facts but believe what they hear. Most people do not really know what a psychic does and what the psychic phenomena is really about.

With psychic abilities, it isn’t just about visions or dreams or talking to the spirits, it is an experience that allows people to have feelings and to learn to treat others with kindness and compassion.


Most people think clairvoyance is when you see things come and then disappear and you do time travelling and having bad dreams that will freak you out.

The definition of clairvoyance is “to view objects or situations and to feel auras and being able to indicate health factors and see between space and time.”

Clairvoyance is when someone can connect things to their past and future and can recognize the energy of the spirits and see shadows or lights.

Here are some other things that clairvoyants do:

  • See dimensional planes.
  • See things close and far away.
  • Have insight on relationships between spirits and other things.
  • Have dreams about life experiences.
  • Become more open.
  • Reach personal life events.

If anyone has experienced the symptoms of anger or have been upset with things, these are not the same feelings that you will see when you watch a paranormal video. You will see that the idea behind clairvoyance is that you will expand your conscious thinking and be able to understand the energies and to work through things in your life.


People often believe that someone that is clairaudient will hear voices and screaming. Many believe that these people are always scared and angry and they cannot stand loud noises.

Clairaudience is when you hear things that are not heard by other people such as noises, music or voices and the sounds can come out of spirits or objects.

Clairaudience is when you are able to listen to the thoughts of other people without being told things and you can hear things through vibrations such as warnings or other messages.

Here are some other things clairaudient people can do:

  • Be aware of messages.
  • Are not schizophrenic.
  • Can channel spirits.
  • Feel energies of spirits

You can never assume that someone that is clairaudient has something wrong with them. If someone is hearing noises or voices, they might be clairaudient. The sound is vague, and the purpose of this gift is not to bring fear but to bring understanding.


Most people think that clairsentience is when you are afraid of things, and you have anxiety and stress because you are always feeling things around you.

Clairsentience is when you feel things and are aware of what is going on around you. Clairsentience is when you are able to respond to energies of the spirit world and have a gut feeling about things that can be good or bad.

Other things about clairsentience are:

  • Feel authentic.
  • They are not limited by space or time.
  • Can combine their abilities.
  • Connect to the energies of the spirit world.

When you feel something in a room, you need to understand that this is just part of your abilities that happens because of the energies that you are able to feel around you.

This energy is a physical and spiritual energy, and you need to not hold back. Even in the movies, this can be seen as negative, but it is a positive thing. You can use this to connect with energies around you and bring closure to things.


People often will think that claircognizance is something that the gods tell them is going to happen. Claircognizance is really the ability to receive information from the spiritual sources and to have strong consciousness.

Claircognizance is when you can get information that is desired to come to you, and it can be in the form of telepathy or the spirits talking in a different dimension.

Other things about claircognizance include:

  • Using the Law of Attraction.
  • Related to clairsentience.
  • Related to DNA activation.
  • The energy is from a different realm.
  • It gives them power.

This is not a power that only comes to people that are very smart. Our brains can take the information that we get and can change the information from something original to a powerful idea. You can use this gift to express how you are feeling and it is meant to give you power, not to make you a know it all.

Claircognizance can work well with psychometry and clairvoyance and there are many outlets that allow you to change your life and to change who you are by using these different giftings.

When you feel that you have these abilities, you can understand what you were created for and what kind of things you can change in your life and in the lives around you.