Problems in the Present that are Linked to the Past

Problems in the Present that are Linked to the Past

Your past life and your present-day problems often work together. This happens because souls are reborn, and they are subject to many different things in their life. Past life regression is a Buddhist term that says that there are people that have separated from their past life and they have regressed the information.

Some believe that you can get hypnotized so that you can know the past life things that you have been through.

Vedic astrology believes that you can use astrology to help you know about the karma that you have accumulated over your life. This means that the karma that comes back to you in the present is the karma from your past life. Some believe that karma brings salvation.

It is thought that the soul has to wait for a certain amount of time and the way that the stars align so that they can come back to the world. This person will have their karma that has gotten bigger over their life.

One thing about Vedic astrology is that it takes in account the good things that you have done and the karma that is good that has been recorded from your past life.

Vedic astrology means that if you are a friend and you make a friend or a family and you owe them something, that you will have to pay this back later in life. This can mean that you are always connected to this person because of past karma.

If something comes to your life over and over again, it means that you have not made an effort to make this karma better and you will keep recording it until it is taken care of.

If you share your luck and your life with someone, this relationship can also cause past debts. This can mean that you have bad things that you have to pay back in your life, and this can be part of that situation.

Vedic astrology talks about the problems and the curses of past lives. This can cause problems in your life, relationship, jobs and with money issues.

There are different curses that can come on people depending on their birth chart and other things that are going on in their lives.

Curses of Snakes

This means that you are fearful of snakes and this can happen because you were bitten by a snake in your past life. This can be seen as part of the fifth house.

Curses of the Father

This can be a time when the sun is in a certain position and it can make the curse happen. Fathers that cause their children to suffer or if they have bad relationships can cause unhappiness in your future.

Curses of the Mother

Curses of the mother are when the planet is aligned with the moon. This can mean a curse. This can happen if your mother did not treat you well or if she couldn’t have children. This can cause unhappiness and can cause the mother to die young.

Curses of the Brothers

This is when the Mars is the planet, and the older brother is Jupiter. This can mean someone will not have children and they will have hard relationships with their families. This can make brothers not be kind to each other.

Curses of Material Things

This is part of Mercury and Saturn. This is when you have a hard time being in relationships with your mother.

Curses of Spirituality

This is when Jupiter is in the forefront. This can be problems with teachers and no happiness in life.

Curses of Women

This is the planet Venus and can cause you to not have children, not to get married and relationships can end in divorce.

Curses of Spirits

This can happen when Rahu and Ketu are placed in a certain place. This can cause you to not have children and cause you to be fearful and scared. This is part of the Moon and Saturn.


These curses are some examples of things that can happen due to past life karma. This can cause problems and other situations in your life. It is important to work through your karmic debts.