Finding Love after Heartbreak

Finding Love after Heartbreak

Do you ever dread a holiday coming because you feel lonely due to being single? Do you feel that you fail in bringing that special someone to family get togethers or to office parties? There are moments that everyone wonders if they will ever find love or if they are going to be single forever. These things can make you feel hopeless but finding love is not out of your reach.


It can be hard if you have been in a situation where you have liked someone, but they only want to be friends. If this has happened to you, you might have a hard time thinking that life is fair, and you might even end up with a broken heart.

Or, if you have been with someone and you see that their feelings are changing and they don’t love you as much as they did before, this can be hurtful and cause you to shy away from love.

End of the Story

If you have had any of these situations or something else cause you to have a broken heart, know that your story doesn’t end there. There will be a time where you will show up to those parties with your significant other on your arm and you will be with someone that will love you and will give you the life that you deserve.

Finding Hope

Don’t give up hope and put yourself in a place where you feel sorry for yourself. Find goals in relationships and work towards finding someone that makes you feel good about who you are.

Love doesn’t have to go right into marriage, but you need to be in relationships that are healthy and good. You need to know that no relationship will be without hard times but when you love someone you will work through these things and make it work.

Don’t ever give up on who you are and don’t change to be someone else just because things aren’t moving as fast as you want them to. Have a clear mind and a clear sight on what you want in love.

As you search for love and you let love find you, keep being who you are and keep loving yourself and your life. Even if your heart has been broken, you can love your life and you can see that you are more than enough.

Never let the world tell you that you aren’t enough. Find your self hope and know that there will be a time where you can show off your new partner and where you will have a smile on your face. Life will give you the love that you want as long as you just keep waiting and holding out for what is good and healthy for you. Never give up on what you want.