Finding Your Soulmate with Tarot

Finding Your Soulmate with Tarot

Having a soulmate means that you have a friend or family member that goes beyond what this world has to offer and reaches into the spiritual world. This is someone that will meet you and will have an immediate connection with you, someone you will love unconditionally.

If you want to meet your soulmate and you have questions about the person that you have met, doing a soulmate tarot reading can help you to get the answers that you need.

Using Tarot to Find Your Soulmate

Maybe you are someone that hasn’t met your soulmate yet. If this is you and you want to figure out how to find them, you can use tarot cards to give you insight on finding this person. This can help you to even know the characteristics of the person that you might meet. Here is how the spread can go:

  • Card 1: The physical traits of your soulmate.
  • Card 2: The personality traits of your soulmate.
  • Card 3: What strengths they have.
  • Card 4: What weaknesses they have.
  • Card 5: How to let go of past relationships.
  • Card 6: Where will you meet your soulmate?
  • Card 7: What do you have in common with them?
  • Card 8: What qualities will attract your soulmate?
  • Card 9: How can you prepare to find your soulmate?
  • Card 10: What will you learn from your soulmate?

This is a great tarot spread if you want to learn more about who your soulmate is and if you want to know what you can do to manifest them into your life. Whenever you get a soulmate reading, the best thing that you can do is to take notes and to write a list of qualities that you would like to see your soulmate have.

Using Tarot to Know Your Soulmate

Have you met someone that you feel might be your soulmate? If so, this five-card spread might help you:

  • Card 1: Is the person I met my soulmate?
  • Card 2: What strengthens the bond we have?
  • Card 3: What causes our bond to struggle?
  • Card 4: What kinds of lessons will I learn from this person?
  • Card 5: How can I prepare for meeting my soulmate?

Not every soulmate that you meet is going to be someone that you date. You can also have a soulmate relationship with a friend, family member, spiritual leader, mentor, or teacher. The list goes on and on.

Easy Soulmate Tarot Spread

After you have met your soulmate, you might want to know more about it. Here is a three-card spread that can give you answers. Before you start, always shuffle your deck, and then put the cards in a line or a pyramid that is upside down.

  • Card 1: This shows your soulmates energy towards you.
  • Card 2: This represents the energy that you have towards them.
  • Card 3: This shows the bond that you have with them.

The great thing about this spread is that you can do it quickly to get some fast answers. This can be effective if you have conflict in your life or you need to change something about yourself.

Tarot Spread for Past Life Soulmates

Sometimes you will meet a soulmate that is someone from your past life. They are there to teach you lessons. Even if you don’t end up dating this person, you can see that the relationship is there to help you reach your karmic destiny. You might want to understand your past life connection with this person more and this spread will help:

  • Card 1: Who was this person in my previous life?
  • Card 2: What lessons did we learn from each other?
  • Card 3: Did we end up being together?
  • Card 4: What did our relationship look like in the previous life?
  • Card 5: Was the soulmate the same in my past life as they are now?
  • Card 6: What caused my soulmate to be with me in the past life?
  • Card 7: What is the relationship with my soulmate like now?
  • Card 8: What can we do to avoid making the same mistakes as we did in our past life?

Understanding the past life connections that you have had will help you to understand the karma that you have learned in your present life. If you are stuck, knowing these things can help strengthen your life. You need to know the bond between you and your current soulmate so that you don’t get into a pattern that caused you to make mistakes in your past life.

Using the different soulmate spreads can help you to make a stronger connection with your soulmates. You can even try to meditate, take a bath, burn a candle, or smudge your space before you ever do your soulmate spread. This can help you to manifest your soulmate fast.