Getting Over Them Ghosting You

Getting Over Them Ghosting

Were you dating someone that you thought you had a strong connection with? You would laugh together and you felt like there was strong chemistry? Then after a few months, it was like they stopped being interested in texting back or seeing you. Sometimes you would wait for hours without getting a response and they became more and more unavailable to spend time with you. Maybe you felt like you were overthinking what was going on or you thought it was just you but then out of nowhere, they stop talking to you totally.

When you care about someone and they leave you and stop talking to you without giving you a reason why, it can be hurtful. This can bring back thoughts of trauma that came from your past and you might wonder what you did wrong or why this happened. The best thing that you could have asked for was for closure but you find that with ghosting, you get none.

Most people have been ghosted at least once in their life and they wonder what is wrong with themselves. They wonder how someone could act like they love them and then just choose to stop talking to them out of the blue. Many times, this happens when nothing is even going wrong. But when they reflect back to the past, the red flags were there, just most of the time people ignore these so that they can feel that things are okay.

People that will ghost you for no reason are the same people that go from person to person and relationship to relationship. They have a big ego, and they prove that they only care about themselves, making such selfish choice to hurt everyone along their path.

Moving on from Being Ghosted

How do you move on from being ghosted? How do you move forward without taking it so personal or thinking it is all your fault? The best thing that you can do for yourself is to stop trying to figure out why this happened.

This is the first step of getting over someone that ghosted you. Maybe they met someone else or maybe they weren’t made to be in a steady relationship. It could be that they are just not a good person. You could keep wondering and guessing what went wrong but this will get you stuck in the relationship and thinking about it. It will waste so much of your energy on things that will never really be solved.

Most of the time, the truth is, the problem is with the person that ghosted you, not with you. They probably have conflict-avoidance personalities or are a narcissist and so you are better off being away from them anyways. They are people that have a hard time getting close to others or being emotionally attached.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t have a right to feel your hurt and anger. You should allow yourself to feel these emotions so that you can move on in your life. When this person walked away form you, they were selfish and this is not on you. You have to remember that you cannot make someone do what you want them to do and even if you had some kind of bad moments, they should have handled the situation like an adult.

What to Do When You’re Ghosted

You can move forward knowing that when someone ghosts you, they are not mature enough to have a real communication. They will avoid confrontation because they don’t feel comfortable in talking about what happened or about what they are feeling. They are dishonest with themselves as well as you.

No Contact

The best thing that you can do to get over this person is to not text or call them, no matter what. You don’t want to keep getting reeled in and then cut off. Move on and find someone else to be close to.

Get Support

Being rejected is hard. Talk to someone that you care about. Let them help you through the pain of this failed relationship. Remember, most of the time a person that ghosts you is running away from their emotions and they are not able to follow through or to communicate like they should.

Your Feelings

You are allowed to feel pain of this situation. Honor the feelings that you are having and know that this is the best thing that could have happened for you. They are someone that is not able to be trusted and they are not of value to you.

Have self-respect for yourself and make no contact with this person. You deserve something so much better. Find people in your life that are close to you and be close to them back. Talk to new people and heal as you connect with those that love you. Don’t struggle alone.